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Measurement Overview by the Traditional 3 x 3 Square

Measurement Overview by the Traditional 3 x 3 Square. This simplest of number squares has an infinity of hidden number codes. I currently have some 535 posts on They are divided primarily between music and this simplest of of ancient number squares.  Of course, music and measure overlap. With so many blogs, perspective is difficult. Who has the time to even quickly glance at so much material? The purpose of this blog is simply to provide a measurement overview of the source of measures. A few of the hidden codes are in this internal link.

Artist's reconstructed Troy in Turkey in our measurement overview
Overall rectangular part of Troy is 220 megalithic yards x 165 megalithic yards.  It traces back to the 3 x 3 number square.
  • With Troy, here is the computation. Follow the numbers on the square.  43 + 67 = 110. Backwards 34 + 76 = 110. Total is 220. This works with any opposite columns of two numbers.  Megalithic yards were assigned to this number. It defines the length rectangular part of the citadel.
  • Next, take two numbers at the time again as follows. Watch the number square with three pairs of numbers. 49 + 35 +  81 = 165.  Take them in reverse: 94 + 53 + 18 = 165. It works the same way if you work the numbers horizontally.

Tens: Here’s the Formula on How Tens Grow into Infinity

Both actual measurements of ancient sites and units of measurement came from the 3 x 3 number square. It was once the backbone of a civilization that was destroyed by a cataclysm. A Golden age of peace and plenty once marked this time. Perhaps it is time to return to a Golden Age guided by a simple number square?

Golden Age (disambiguation) – Wikipedia


Measurement Overview – a Partial List

In a Golden Age the weaker and stronger peacefully co-exist.

Here a few of the measures mathematically derived from this number square. Review many of them on Type in the keyword.

  • Egyptian remen as 1.2165…feet.
  • Egyptian cubit of 1.71818…feet.
  • Egyptian cubit of 1.728 feet.
  • Royal cubit of 1.72 feet.
  • Foot of 12 inches.
  • Yard of 36 inches.
  • English furlong of 660 feet.
  • English rod of 16.5 feet.
  • Summerian inch of 0.66 inches.
  • Summerian cubit of 1.65 feet.
  • Masonic hundredweight of 112 pounds.
  • Old gemancer’s mile of 14,400 feet.
  • Shorter nautical mile of 6.048 feet
  • Jewish sacred cubit of 2.0736 feet.
  • Jewish sacred pace of 3.456 feet.
  • Chinese p’u of 14,400 feet.
  • Akbar’s yard of 33 inches.
  • Roman pace of 2.433 feet…………

The  list literally goes on and on. 





Philo was a Greek scholar who freely read books from the library at Alexandria,Egypt.

“Truth” in Hebrew, Holds the Measure of the Great Pyramid

Truth is Hidden in Grid That Measures the Great Pyramid

“Truth” as it equals 441 by Hebrew gematria, is found in the above number square. Please follow the numbers on the grid as I describe it.  I add the perimeter by double numbers that overlap. 49 + 92 + 27 + 76 + 61 + 18 + 83 + 34 = 440. Reverse the numbers. It is the same. 440. One is added to this sum for God. The adding of one, by tradition, is called “colel”. The Hebrew spelling is below.  Aleph = 1; mem = 40; tav= 400.

Strong’s Hebrew:. אֱמֶת (emeth)


“Truth” holds the measure of the Great Pyramid as well as the Distance of the sphinx from the Great Pyramid. Read about it below:

“Truth”: The measures of the Great Pyramid  forms a symphony of 440’s. Yes, we in America tune our symphonic instruments to this numerical measure- A, 440. Here’s how 440 works. Each side of the Pyramid measures 440 Egyptian cubits. These cubits are 1,71818…feet. The distance of the Sphinx the Great Pyramid is 440 megalithic yards. A megalithic yard is 2.7272…feet. Often it is taken as 2.72 feet. John Michell points out how the pyramid was measured in three units. They are the 12 inch foot, Egyptian cubits of 1.71717 feet  and the megalithic yard of 2.7272… feet.  Here’s how we get the essential dimensions of the Great Pyramid using these measures:

  • אֱמֶת is a straight read for the the length of the base of the pyramid: in Egyptian cubits 440. One is added by “colel”

  • Pyramid the three Hrew letters of “truth”: Aleph = 1;  Aleph and mem  ( 1 + 40) = 41;  Alpeh mem and tav ( 1 + 40 + 400)= 441.  Now add these three pyramided numbers: 1 + 41 + 441 = 483. In feet, the height of the Great Pyramid is 481 feet. Allowing one for “colel”, this is a close approximation, especially when the very tip has historically been missing.

Why even bother looking at the Great Pyramid for “truth”? So much Biblical prophecy is based on Isaiah 19: 19-20. “In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the land of Egypt and it shall be for a sign”. I feel that the above number grid is the source of truth. It can unite mankind in one vision of peace and harmony. It can assist in bringing  about a wonderful golden age of peace and prosperity. This grid was shown to me by a female Indian  Spirit from the Lennie Lenape tribe. They made their home in the Catskill Mountains near and around Oquaga Lake. It’s on a mountain by Deposit, New York. She dictated a beautiful book of poetry to me, word for word. It is named,  “The Oquaga Spirit Speaks.” The book is close to 100 pages of poetry and pictures to be available soon on for $2.99. The book should bring joy and pleasure to anyone that reads the poems.  I’ve memorized every one.  My goal in life to recite the poetry on tour. Shortly,  I will have a thumbnail of me reciting the poetry on the front page.  This will be 100% free. Please be patient. Rome wan’t built in a day.