Characteristic number hides a secret code

Characteristic Number Hides a Secret Code

Characteristic Number Hides a Secret Code. Civilization has lost its touch with the past. A lost Golden Age  was all about number squares. Two opposite numbers always totaled the same number. Our featured number square will be the 3 x 3. Its characteristic number is 10. Any two opposite numbers total 10. These include 9 + 1;  4 + 6;  3 + 7; and 2 + 8.  First, where did I first learn about number squares? From the writings of British author, John Michell. Many of my blog are about the 3 x 3 number square. Below is an internal link to one of them. I However, I was able to take John Michell’s work a step further. This is because of an American Indian spirit guide from the Lennie Lenape. It all happened on Oquaga Lake  (See picture below).

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This book started me on a thus far 50 year journey.



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3 x 3 number square Archives – DSO Works

View the square 2 numbers at the time by opposites. Whereas two numbers that cross the center are paired in the same row. Their sum is always 110. Thus, 49 + 61 = 110. Or, 35 + 75 = 110.   The 110 can be pulled out of the square in 16 ways. Thus, 16 X 110 = 1,760. The center then becomes 55. It is surrounded by 440


Characteristic Number Square List of Antiquity

  • The 3 x 3 is 10.
  • The 4 x 4 equals 17.
  • The 5 x 5 totals 26
  • The 6 x 6 is 37.
  • The 7 x 7 is 50.
  • The 8 x 8 is 65
  • The 9 x 9 is 82.

So where is the hidden number code? Take the prime characteristic number of the 3 x 3 number square. Its sum is 10 as described. Next, total the numbers from 1 to 10. They equal 55. You have just seen how the center of the 3 x 3 number square becomes 55 when viewed two numbers at the time.  Today many scoff at this. The ancients of a lost Golden Age accepted it.  My Indian spirit guide also offered a book of poetry, filled  with her wisdom.

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Characteristic number hides a secret code

Discovering Number Squares in the Shema Yisroel

Discovering Number Squares in the Shema Yisroel First, what is the Shema Yisroel?  It is an alliteration into English of the name of a key Hebraic prayer.  This blog will concern itself with the opening first line. The quote below explains its extreme significance.  I believe it harbors the gateway to a Golden Age Age of peace and plenty. The hidden values offer a path to a forgotten, lost universal order that was based on number squares. Wikipedia explains this first line as follows:

Discovering number squares in a prayer of extreme antiquity.
The opening 6 words revive a lost ancient order based on number squares.
 Shema Yisrael at the Knesset Menorah in Jerusalem

Shema Yisrael (or Sh’ma YisraelHebrewשְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל‬; “Hear, [O] Israel”) are the first two words of a section of the Torah, and is the title (better known as The Shema) of a prayer that serves as a centerpiece of the morning and evening Jewish prayer services. The first verse encapsulates the monotheistic essence of Judaism: “Hear, O Israel: the LORD our God, the LORD is one” (Hebrewשְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶחָֽד׃‬), found in Deuteronomy 6:4, sometimes alternatively translated as “The LORD is our God, the LORD is one.” Observant Jews consider the Shema to be the most important part of the prayer service in Judaism, and its twice-daily recitation as a mitzvah (religious commandment). It is traditional for Jews to say the Shema as their last words, and for parents to teach their children to say it before they go to sleep at night. Now to the task at hand- discovering number squares.

Discovering number squares with John Michell
This book has a solid basic explanation of ancient use of number squares.

Discovering Number Squares in this Key Creed of Judaism

As a prelude, in Hebrew letters doubled as numbers. There were no separate numbers. The same symbol represented both. Look up the Greek word, Gematria. To double check the arithmetic in this blog , ask someone fluent in Hebrew.  Also refer to the featured picture as I list the Shema’s words and the words with their numerical equivalents.

  1. Shema has a gematria of 410. The 9 x 9 number square has a core number of 41.  In antiquity, zero was not only the absence of number, it was considered to be a synthetic number. Look at the smallest number square. The 3 x 3 pictured above. Any 2 opposite numbers on this square total 10. Hence, 10 and its various powers are not their own independent single numbers. They result on this basic number square by adding any two opposite numbers on the perimeter. The 410 was taken as 41. The 9 x 9 number square was called the lunar number square.Here is the spelling of the word Shema:  שְׁמַע.
  2. Yisroel has a gematria of 541. By the rules of gematria, plus one was allowed per words in a phrase. I believe the number was 540 plus 1 for the Deity. Geometrically speaking, a pentagon totals 540° among its 5 vertices. Five is the core number on the 3 x 3 number square. It is the seed of all number squares. It ancient Greek it is the equivalent of The Grail.Here is the spelling in Hebrew:  יִשְׂרָאֵל
  3. The next word is so important, it appears in two of the basic ancient number squares, Yahweh.  This is the unutterable name of God. On the 5 x 5 number square, any 2 opposite numbers on the perimeter total 26. This square is dedicated to the planet, Mars. The Hebrew spelling is יְהוָה
  4. Next word is Elohaynu. Its numerical equivalent is 102. Look at the 4 x 4 number square. It is the number square of Jupiter. The 12 numbers around its perimeter total 102. אֱלֹהֵינוּ
  5. The 2nd use of the sacred 4 letter name of God refers to the 8 x 8 number square. The 8 x 8 and 5 x 5 number squares share common numbers. The 8 x 8 square of numbers was dedicated to Mercury the messenger. Any row of 8 numbers totals 260. On the 5 x 5 number square, any 2 opposite numbers total 26. Without the zero, it is the second reference to Yahweh   יְהוָה
  6. The final word, “echad” declares the oneness of God. Its numerical equivalent is 13. The number is at the core of the 5 x 5 number square אֶחָֽד

Discovering Number Squares of Higher Order in these 6 words (and the next 6)

Meditation and Kabbalah

More on Discovering Number Squares: Aryeh Kaplan was a physicist/philosopher. The book referenced here He offers the formula on page 163 for determining the row total. It is also termed the (S)ide total, for any number square:

S = (n³ + n) ÷ 2.

When the double yud spelling is substituted for the four letter name, as it is the custom in prayer books, the sum of the 6 words becomes 1106. The prayer book spelling of the six words is pictured below.

Next, take the 13 x 13 number square. Fit it to the formula:  (13 x 13 x 13) + 13 ÷ 2 = 1105. By the ancient rules of gematria one may be added to the value to arrive at the prayer book gematria of  1106. Again, becomes the unity of God. Kaplan discusses how the 13 x 13 number square represents- Chesed or love on the Tree of Life. The next 6 words (see diagram below) are whispered) will be covered in future blogs. It directly points out the 17 x 17 number square. That square is dedicated to Netzach or victory on the Tree of Life. Used together, 13 x 13 magic square and the 17 x 17 display an ancient temple plan. Indeed, Victory is found in Love as all our religious teachers and prophets taught.

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numerical rhyme is even found in nursery rhymes.

Numerical Rhyme -is there Such a Thing in Physics?

Numerical Rhyme -is there Such a Thing in Physics? Numbers are easy to identify. But how can they rhyme?  With words, rhyme is a repetition of similar sounds in two or more lines.  They often occur  in the final syllables of lines in poems and songs.[1] The word rhyme is also a pars pro toto (“a part (taken) for the whole”) that means a short poem. This includes a rhyming couplet or other brief rhyming poem such as nursery rhymes. For my blog,  In  Greek  it is ἀριθμός arithmos “number”.  Poetry also derives from the Latin rhythmus.  Rhythm defines the beats in poetry.  The Greek word is ῥυθμός (rhythmosrhythm).[13][14]

As with most products of oral tradition, there are many variations to the Bo-Peep rhyme. The most common modern version is:

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep,
and doesn’t know where to find them;
leave them alone, And they’ll come home,
wagging their tails behind them.[1]

Thus, rhyme uses the same sound in a definite pattern. Often it comes at the end of the 1st and third lines. With Bo-Peep “find them” and “behind them” make the pattern. They are in lines 2 and 4.

Numerical Rhyme in Fission and Fusion

Here are a couple of facts to help illuminate the topic in physics:

  • First, the higher end of the spectrum. Radioactive elements with a higher atomic number than lead breakdown to lead-82
  • Next, the lower end of the spectrum.  On stars, elements lighter than iron fuse up to iron. It has an atomic number of 26. When enough iron forms at the core of the star, then the star  explodes.  That explosion makes other heavier elements.
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Could they be witnessing an exploding star?

So Where is Numerical Rhyme in Fusion and Fission?

Take iron. It is the ash of nuclear fusion. This was described above. Iron has an atomic weight of 56.  This primary isotope of iron has 26 protons and 30 neutrons.  Each proton is balanced by an electron.  Total these primary particles. We have 26 protons + 30 neutrons + 30 electrons = 82 primary particles. By number, 82 defines the number of protons in lead. I most point out a parallel situation with ancient number squares. There are a number of rhyming number squares. Here, we will (1) look at the 5 x 5. Then (2) compare it to the 8 x 8.

  1. Any straight row of numbers on the 8 x 8 square totals 260. Any two opposite numbers on the 5 x 5 square totals 26.
  2. Any two opposite numbers on the 8 x 8 square totals 65. Any straight row of numbers on the 5 x 5 square totals 65.
  3. The square perimeter are the numbers that outline any number square. On the 5 x 5 number square the total is 208.
  4. The total of all the numbers on the 8 x 8 number square is 2080

Conclusion: The ancient 5 x 5 and 8 x 8 number squares are in rhyme. So are lead and iron as explained above. Therefore, there is numerical rhyme in both mathematics and physics. Our ancestors knew this. Isn’t it about time we caught up? Perhaps it may lead us down a path of peace?



Roses contain mysteries and were favored in Jerusalem

Roses Contain Mysteries and are Favored by Mystics

Roses Contain Mysteries and are Favored by Mystics. First, consider the visible side of roses. Leaves on the bushes come in clusters. These clusters can be comprised of  3,5 or 7 leaves.  It has been proven that:”If you want the rose bush to keep blooming, cut the branches between clusters of five and three leaves.” For the roses to continuously blossom, they must be cut between the Fibonacci numbers 3 and 5.  Also significant for this blog: The rose has 5 strong petals and 13 weaker. Now the mysticism begins. The background for this blog is the preference that Neolithic cultures showed for number squares.

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Here are the two number squares that the rose draws on. Neolithic cultures knew that nature works on these squares. Today, many have yet to realize this. The 5 strong petals and 13 weaker draw on the key central numbers of 3 x 3 and 5 x 5. The core number of the 3 x 3 is #5. The core number of the 5 x 5 square is #13.

Fibonacci Series Shares the Key Numbers With Roses

Fibonacci numbers grow numbers grow by  adding the two previous numbers to arrive at the next larger number. We thus find: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,34…….The series can continue infinitely. Life both  favors and significantly uses the ratio of these consecutive numbers.  Note: The Fibonacci numbers that form the petals of the rose:  5 and 13.  As the series develops, the ratio of the by which the larger of the two is greater than the smaller gets closer and closer to the infinite number of phi:  1.618…    That number is called by the Greek word, phi, or the Golden Section.  The definitive phi number can never be reached. It is an irrational number that extends to infinity.  Could that be why man will always fall short of immortality?

Image result for Wikipedia picture of 4 x 4 number square
Compare the numbers of the rose to the numbers this geometrical figure of the development of the phi ratio.


Consider the following about roses contain mysteries: I have already blogged extensively about these bullet points below . Both 5 and 13 define the strong petals on a rose. Both 5 and 13 define the core of the 1st two odd numbered squares as pictured above. The co-incidence extends to regular and semi-regular polyhedrons:

  • There can only be 5 regular polyhedrons.
  • There can only be 13 semi-regular polyhedrons.

The knowledge of many of prehistoric civilizations was also preserved by planting roses in Jerusalem. This knowledge today calls for a new vision of peace and co-operation. Let roses lead the way. Hooray for flower power!

Lepenski Vir Proves the Ancient Use of Number Squares

Lepenski Vir, 11,000 years ago, used a Number Square

Lepenski Vir is Proof of the use and understanding of an Ancient Number Square.  A Mesolithic site on the Blue Danube used the codes of the square of three.  Lepenski Vir (Лепенски Вир, Lepen Whirl) is an important Mesolithic archaeological site located in Serbia in central Balkan peninsula The latest radiocarbon and AMS data suggests that the chronology of Lepenski Vir is compressed between 9500/7200-6000 BC.

Lepenski Vir used the square of three for the guiding light of peace.
The Lepenski Vir Museum in Yugoslavia

I learned of these codes from  a spirit. I call on her by the name, Oquaga Spirit. She was of the Lennie Lenope tribe.  They dwelled around Oquaga Lake. I worked for years at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House at my profession- a piano player. Below is an excerpt from my book, The Staff of God Volume One, ref. pg. 306.

The ruins of Lepenski Vir in Yugoslavia
The dimensions of Lepenski Vir prove Mesolithic knowledge of the 3 x 3 number square’s hidden codes.

The entire foundation area  (not all in the picture) is framed by a roughly rectangular shape frame of 185 x 55 yards. Over 1000’s of years the same dimensions have been used for many construction projects.  Some examples:

  • 185 yards equals 555 feet. George Washington’s Monument is  555 feet tall.
  • The blueprint of the Great Pyramid of Egypt dates back to 2,750 B.C. It is formed by interlocking two circles center to center. They each are 555 feet feet in diameter.

These two interlocking circles are at the heart of sacred building. These circles form the vesica piscis (vessel of the fish). Lepenski Vir mainly demonstrates understanding of the 3 x 3 square’s hidden mathematics. Here is some samples of how to find the 555 code: Take two sets of three opposite numbers. Add them together. Then divide them by two for an average: Examples are 492 + 618 = 1110. Divided by two = 555. Another example, 834 + 276 = 1110, Divided by two = 555. Ths simple number square is also the most complex. The builders its ancient foundation in Yugoslavia totally understood this.












Fire Section of My Complete Elemental Suite for Piano

Fire Section of My  Complete Elemental Suite for piano. Ancient sages believed in five elements. They were earth, air, fire, water and ether. The 5th element was a single composite, supernal element beyond the other four. These five elements were thought to be the source of creation. In fact,they are. However, they have been misunderstood. Here’s the take I was shown by the Oquaga Spirit. This Indian female spirit from the Lennie Lenape  demonstrated how the cosmos comes from two types of number squares:

  • Ether comes from the initial or first number square in order of size that can be built: 3 x 3

The smallest of the number squares was invoked on the 6th day of Creation when God said it was "very good."
The source of ether is number 5. It is the only number at the center of the 1st number square.

The two types are either odd and even numbered. The prototypes are the 3 x 3 and the 4 x 4. The first number square(above) , from smallest to biggest, is the 3 x 3. Only one number is at its center. It’s number five. That number represents  ether. Then, the first even number square is 4 x 4. It consists of 16 numbers. Four numbers sit at its center. These are the 4 elements. The 1st chapter of Genesis is also about how God used these two number squares for His Creation. Thus, the 5 elements of antiquity total the two types of centers in the first two number squares: Odd and even.  The goddess cultures were all about  number squares and how they expressed basic cosmic laws.  In my current 150 blogs on DSO works, I go into great detail on this subject. All posts are very easy to access.

The Four Elements, including Fire, Come From the 1st Evenly Numbered “Magic Square.”

Image result for Find a copyable 4 x 4 number square
Fire: Is one of the 5 elements God used for creation. It is one of the 4 elements at this square’s center.

In my Elemental Suite, this element, expresses its characteristic essence. Fire represents spirit and life. Note the expression “the spark of life.” It’s energetic. The symbol is a triangle pointing upwards. Fire is closely connected to passion and sexual energy. The pyramid shape is also represented by the triangle of “fire”. On the youtube video below we have different types of flames:

  • The raging power of fire expressed at the opening played in  a military manner.
  • A more gentle, feminine but yet passionate fire as the 2nd theme.
  • A smoldering fire in the  middle section that builds to the repeat.
  • The repeated section ends with a blaze of glory.

I am available for concerts of my own music. Check some of my piano compositions and arrangements on DSOworks. Below is the feature. Also, Sharon and I have co-written numerous musicals over the years. Check out our products page for samples. Hope you enjoy this selection. Incidentally, look out the window on the youtube sample. You can actually see shades of beautiful Oquaga Lake in the background. The Indian spirit that resides there taught me about the  number squares of older civilizations and how they were used by American Indian tribes.

Prop Up the Periodic Chart

Prop Up the Periodic Chart:

“I saw in a dream a table where all elements fell into place as required. Awakening, I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper, only in one place did a correction later seem necessary., as quoted by Inostrantzev[22][23] .    

The 9×9 number square which defines the “ash” of nuclear fission

Good Heavens! That was well over 100 years ago. Things change. New insights are added. Here’s one with reference to the magic number squares of 5 x 5 and 9 x 9. First, the 5 x 5:
  • The Sun fuses lighter elements to make heavier elements. Hydrogen is fused in the first wave to make Helium. Then comes Ccarbon. Elements are fused up to iron, atomic number 26; .  Iron is called the ash of nuclear fusion. That’s as far as the heat fusion goes on a star.  When enough iron accumulates, pressures that result become so greater that the star explodes which is able to fuse the heavier elements. Since the ash of nuclear fusion is iron-26, the 5 x 5 square is its representative. Any two opposite numbers on this square total 26 as 17 + 9; 5 + 21; 12 + 14 etc.
  • Lead is called the ash of nuclear fission. Elements heavier than lead (Pb) 82 emit particles until Pb82 is reached. If you look at the 9 x 9 number square any two opposite numbers total 82. Thus, by proton number the perimeter of fusion is defined by the 5 x 5 number square; while the perimeter of fission is defined by the 9 x 9 number square.
  • If 26 is taken as the diameter of a circle; 82 is a close approximately of its circumference as 82/26 =3.1538… Not bad for working with whole numbers.
  • Finally, thinking like the “primitive” ancients, in Hebrew gematria (equation of letters and numbers with no separate number system) Yahweh equals 26 with the Hebrew letters for yud, hei, vav, hei . Therefore, if God(26) is the span or diameter of the elements; the circle of stable elements is defined by the 82 circumference number derived from the number of non- radioactive lead.


Do you think the above number squares can prop up the periodic chart? If not, there will be more blogging on this subject. Oh yes. If you are into culture, I’ve been posting our musical shows on the products page with spectacular entertainment that include  Russian folk dancing by a major, world class  ballet company; and Rubinoff playing his  1731 Stradivarius violin in concert in New York with me, He was 86 years of age at the time and the full 41 minute concert is on a thumbnail. We are looking for sponsors,  agents and venues for our shows. Over decades of hard work, we have come up quite short on our resources.   Enjoy our thumbnails and product page on, and our best for a happy New Year.

2011-05-15 13.16.25


Another Fibonacci Discovery

Another Fibonacci Discovery: I believe that the four writers of the 4 Gospels had the 3 x 3 number square in mind when they wrote about “the grain of mustard seed.” They describe the a mustard seed as the tiniest of seeds that grows into a huge plant. Indeed, the 3 x 3 number square is the smallest number squares: It grows into the largest of the seven squares of antiquity. A 2 x 2 block  only holds  the central numbers of even numbered squares as in 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 (see illustration); whereas only one number is at the center of the odd numbered squares.

As you can see, the even 4 x 4 number square has 4 numbers in the center ( and the 3 x 3 has one number (5).  For this reason, complete number squares begin with the 3 x 3 number square pictured below. For a quick review: I have demonstrated in these blogs the triple system of balance in the 3 x 3 square. How 5 is the center by single numbers, 55 by double numbers and 555 by triple numbers. Anyone who doubts this should go to Washington DC and look at Washington’s Monument. It is 555 feet tall (not a simple co-incidence).

Another Fibonacci Discovery. Let’s begin by listing the numbers of the series in order of size and see if 555 comes up:……oops! somehow it seems like we missed it. We have number 5 as the 5th number, number 55 as the 10th number; and it would seem like the 15th number should have been 555, but it is 610. That threw me until I realized that 610 is merely a summation of 55 +555=610. How is this another Fibonacci discovery? The entire framework of the Fibonacci series grows out of the core number of the first number square that ancient civilizations associated with the planet, Saturn, the giver of law.  I would say that the placement of Washington’s pinnacle at the center of our nation makes it a wonderful architectural monument  not only for America, but for the entire world and for all time.           Image result for Picture of George Washington's Monument out of copyright

Musical tones come from this basic number square and is a Universal constant

Secrets of Genesis

Secrets of Genesis: Genesis uses the 1st two number squares; being 3 x 3 and 4 x 4.   The number squares are pictured below as a point of reference. They have been extensively described by author John Michell whose books have been my constant companions for decades. Whereas our civilization tends to look for differences, older civilizations stressed similarities. In a nutshell, looking only at differences leads to war while looking for similarities leads to peace. These two opposite tendencies label the two pillars on the Hebraic Tree of Life.

In ancient times the 3 x 3 number square was assigned to a planet, Saturn. The square represented limits, boundaries and the law. The 4 x 4 number square was assigned to Jupiter and represented expansion, business growth and success. In my blogs I have already discussed the Greek word, gematria. It is the use of the same symbol to represent both a letter and a number. Letters and numbers in Middle Eastern languages enjoyed a grand unity so that every letter, word or even phrase had an assigned numerical value.

In Genesis, as God created the Earth, the Torah states about His creation, “and God saw that it was good.” “Good” has a Hebraic gematria of 17 (pronounced “Tov”). On the 4 x 4 number square associated with Jupiter and creation and expansion pictured below, any two opposite numbers total 17:  as 4 and 13; or 7 and 10; or 8 and 9 etc. When creation was finished God said it was “very good.”. In Hebrew this is pronounced Tov meh-ode.  The word Meh-ode  ( very) has a gematria of 45, which totals the numbers from 1 to 9 on the 3 x 3 number square of Saturn. To invoke  the sum total of the numbers on the smallest number square, of the limiting planet of Saturn,  says work is done, enough is enough. It’s time to rest.

File: Albrecht Dürer – Melencolia I (detail).jpg

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository The number square of Jupiter and success in action