Future Telling by a poetic spirit on Oquaga Lake

Future Telling as per the Oquaga Spirit

Future Telling as per the Oquaga Spirit. Common methods used for fortune telling in Europe and the Americas include astromancyhorary astrologypendulum reading, spirit board reading, tasseography (reading tea leaves in a cup), cartomancy (fortune telling with cards), tarot readingcrystallomancy (reading of a crystal sphere), and chiromancy (palmistry, reading of the palms). The last three have traditional associations in the popular mind with the Roma and Sinti people (often called “gypsies”).

However, current theories of leading physicists see reality as a connection or continuum of space-time. Thus, as the present is visible, so are the past and the future. I was fortunate enough to spend 15 summer seasons on Oquaga Lake. My official title was “the house pianist” at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House. One of my duties was playing the piano on “Scott’s Showboat of Song.” It daily circled Oquaga Lake at 4:30 pm. Once in a while we did a nighttime cruise. Everyone was happy and joyful. Most sensed a spiritual presence on the lake.  For me, it spoke in poetry as a hiked around the lake in the early morning hours. Below is one of the spirit’s poems. It is entitled “Future Fog.” An illustrated book of her poetry is called: The Oquaga Spirit Speaks.” It is available as a product on DSOworks.com

Future Telling and the Oquaga Spirit
Spiritual presence radiates forth from this mountain top, spring fed lake. Its beauty is almost incredible.

Future Telling in the Poem “Future Fog” in the Oquaga Spirit Speaks

We see the future in a fog                   But though we cannot see through,
And know not what it brings.            We still may smell and hear.
It’s milky, dense and thick                   By keeping all senses sharp
And hides most everything.                We see ahead the year.
We do not know tomorrow,                For sound penetrates the fog.
If it bring joy or sorrow                        And smell drifts through the haze.
Or if it just be plain                                 By keeping all senses sharp,
Like slow and steady rain.                    We see ahead the days.
We know not how things shape up
Until the fog has lifted.
But then the future is the present,
As the sands of time have shifted.
Image result for wiki commons picture of fog
The future is hidden by “fog.” So are two birds in this masterful picture.
Magic square summary came on Oquaga Lake

Magic Square Summary as Given by The Oquaga Spirit

Magic Square Summary  offered by a spirit that dwells around Oquaga Lake. There was once a golden age. Knowledge of the  3 x 3 number square held it in place. Men lived their lives by the balanced numerical codes it contains. A female American Indian spirit enlightened me about this code. She was of the Lennie Lenape. Hesiod alludes to this age. His writings were almost 3000 years earlier. The Works and Days (Ancient GreekἜργα καὶ ἩμέραιErga kai Hēmerai)[a] is a didactic poem of some 800 lines written by the ancient Greek poet Hesiod around 700 BCE. The Works and Days is perhaps best known for its two mythological aetiologies for the toil and pain that define the human condition: It contains he story of Prometheus and Pandora.  It also describes the Myth of Five Ages. They were: the Golden AgeSilver Age, Bronze Age, Heroic Age, and the present age, that of Iron. The golden race lived in the time of Cronus.   It was an age of plenty and peace. The earth provided for all. Rivalries were unknown.

Magic Square Summary what I learned on Oquaga Lake
“Lights on porch and dock and hotel waterside glitter around the shore. Markers do they provide”. Quoted from The Oquaga Spirit Speaks.”

Magic Square Summary Was Dictated on Oquaga Lake by a Spirit Guide


Image result for picture of Oquaga Lake


The above picture is of Scott’s Oquaga Lake House. It is perched in the Catskill Mountains. Almost anyone who visits either senses or actually communes with this spirit. The spirit talked ceaselessly to me. I was lucky. Many of the blogs on DSOworks.com are because of her. Here is some of her wisdom. In your spare time, please read  the blogs in full. Just click on all posts. It’s that easy. 

“The source of truth is the square of three. By straight read, three codes appear. They hold a cosmic code. The central five also becomes 55 and 555. When compared to a star or atom, man is in the middle.  Speaking in relative sizes, man becomes the 55. An atom becomes the 5. A star becomes the 555. ” The code also offers “infinity” on a golden platter. These codes spin and twirl numbers in a set and balanced way.


Number square summary came at Oquaga Lake.
For me, enlightenment happened by the wisdom of an American Indian spirit. It was about this number square.
Sleep therapy as per the Oquaga Spirit

Sleep Therapy as per the Oquaga Spirit

Sleep Therapy as per the Oquaga Spirit. I have been so fortunate. My family and I spent at least 15 beautiful summers on Oquaga Lake. The entire family got to go with me. I was employed as the house piano player at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House. As a result I have added another profession: That of a working poet. Scott’s is located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains of New York state. There, I met the presence of a spirit. I call it the Oquaga Spirit. “In the mornings I’d stroll and the spirit would be afloat.” The spirit spoke in poetic verse. The verse was mostly in simple quatrains  in triple meter. A square four or angular two has dominated business, music, dance and poetry. Get ready for a soothing new wave of triple meter. As the spirit states: Return ye to the waltzes of Vienna.  Incidentally, I am currently playing the piano at the Sarasota Crab and Fin on St Armand’s Circle.  See events on DSOworks.com.  Come and listen to me outdoors and enjoy beautiful melodies of  Strauss waltzes.

The Oquaga Spirit Speaks – YouTube

Mar 28, 2016 – Uploaded by Dso Works

David Ohrenstein reads excerpts from the book “The Oquaga Spirit Speaks,” the voice of nature and the …

 Sleep Therapy Comes with Feeling Good

So What did the Oquaga Spirit Say About Sleep Therapy?

Sleep Therapy as per the Oquaga Spirit
“Lights on porch and dock, and hotel waterside glitter around the shore. Markers do they provide.”

The spirit’s poem is from the “The Morning lake in July”. I sensed the spirit to be a female American Indian from the Lennie Lenope tribe. They, at one time. lived around the lake. Also, be sure to listen to the free youtube video above of me reciting some of this spirit’s wonderful poems.

The morning lake in July
Has no wrinkles or crinkles.
Its flat facade gently flows
Marked only by a few sprinkles.

Just like a youthful lad
Whose skin is smooth and healthy
Without a care and trouble free
As if he were quite wealthy.

But later in the day,
When the winds begin to blow,
And boats are out by the dozens,
It’s then that age will show.

The next morning with the rising Sun,
The lake is once more new.
Just like us, after a good night’s sleep
We dispel the feeling of blue.


Greco-Hebraic Bond Through THis Design

Greco-Hebraic Bond by Number 3168

Greco-Hebraic Bond by Number 3168. This “3168” figure is virtually ubiquitous throughout the ancient world. John Michell discusses 3168 in City of Revelation. Chapter VII is entitled: 3168, the Perimeter of the Temple.  He also discusses how the number ties into measurement. Here is a brief excerpt.

  • 31,680 inches = ½ mile.
  • 31,680 feet = 6 miles
  • 31,680 furlongs (660 feet) = radius of the Earth (3,960 miles).
  • By an ancient science called gematria, the Greeks equated 3168 with “Lord Jesus Christ.” See City of Revelation p.82. This is found in the ancient Greek practice of equating numbers and letters called gematria. Hebrew does the same. So do many ancient languages.
  • Image result for picture of City of Revelation by John Michell

Greco-Hebraic Bond is Quite Unique

In my featured picture above we have the blueprint and numbers of “the ancient temple plan.” Here we find the Greco-Hebraic bond. This is a source of ancient building. The idea was to draw on the numbers of this blueprint. Whatever units of measure you used didn’t matter. The idea was to draw on the numbers. It could be numbers in shorter Egyptian cubits (1.718 feet) , Palestinian cubits (2.107 feet) , English yards (3 feet) or even megalithic yards (2.72 feet).  Please notice the outer hexagon  numbers 528 on each side. Multiply number 528 by the 6 sides of the hexagon and we have: 528 x 6 = 3168.

Image result for pictures of Oquaga Lake
A spirit hovers around pure, spring fed Oquaga Lake

You are probably wondering how or where I discovered this ancient temple plan. I found it on beautiful Oquaga Lake. While I was hiking, the Oquaga Spirit offered me the vision in the featured blog picture. This spirit has became a part of my life. This is true even when I am away from Oquaga Lake. I’ve memorized every poem this spirit has dictated. I recite the poems to myself daily. The result was the poetry book entitled, The Oquaga Spirit Speaks. From the Greco-Hebraic bond to wisdom about number squares, the spirit freely offered knowledge to me. In turn I am sharing her knowledge with you.



Nucleic Acids as RNA-DNA are structured by a number square.

Nucleic Acids are Based on the 1st Number Square

Nucleic Acids are Based the 1st Number Square. Three by three makes the 1st number square.  1 x 1 is defines the  center of all odd numbered number squares. At the center of all even number squares is 2 x 2 center. Thus, the squaring of the first two digits as 1 x 1 and. 2 x 2 creates these centers. The 1st actual independent number square is 3 x 3. Being a odd number, one number (5) sits at its center. It sets the pattern in motion.  #5 is the prime center of all number squares.

Nucleic acids are structured by the 3 x 3 number square.
In Mesolithic and Neolithic times number squares and knowledge went together. Their union made for a peaceful civilization.

Others first patterns with number 3 include:

  • In two dimensions the triangle is the 1st polygon.
  • In three dimensions, the tetrahedron (pictured below) is the 1st regular polyhedron. This “Platonic solid” is the basic builiding block of the Universe. Plato, of course, had access to Egyptian knowledge. Egyptians had knowledge from Neolitic times.
  • Related image
  • Another threefold event is: Action- Reaction and a stable Resultant. The resultant is stable  only if action and reaction show up as positive and negative helixes of triangles (See Synergetics by R. Buckminister Fuller section 108.01-.02).

Be it 3, 3², or √3, – all were understood and worked with in prehistoric times. We briefly discussed 3 and 3 x 3. How about √3? The square of three is also coded by hundreds. When it is, the central number becomes 555.

  • View the square above by 3 numbers at the time. Pair them by opposites. Also, any three numbers that cross the center is its own complementary 555 number. Their sum is always 1,110. Example, 492 + 618 = 1,110.  Or, 951 + 159 = 1,110. The average of the two triple numbers becomes  555. 

Finding to the 320 Proton Total of the 5 Nucleic Acids

Now, here is where RNA-DNA come into play by √3: Take the 555 of this 1st number square. Divide it by square root of three. The quotient is 320.4294… The number of protons in the nucleic acids is 320. In Neolitic cultures, the square root of three is at the basis of many sacred sites. The vesica piscis (vessel of the fish) demonstrates this square root.

320 is the number of protons inthe 5 nucleic acids. If the shorter width of a vesica is 320, the length is 555..
Two circles interlock on the Chalice Well’s cover at the Glastonbury Abbey. The overlapping part forms the shape of a fish. The length is longer than the width by square root three. This can become 555 length and 320 width.


Th 3 x 3  number square is the number square of man. In this regard click on the following blogs on DSOworks.com They are free. Share with friends!

Secrets of Genesis

Mankind: 120 Years For a Life Span According to Genesis

Where did my insights comes from? Beautiful Oquaga Lake. It is the home of the Oquaga Spirit. Everyone should make a trip to this  most sacred and isolated place of incomparable beauty. Enjoy the poetry given to me by this spirit.  The Oquaga Spirit Speaks  is  a book of poetry available on DSOworks.com

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature
Fishing for the truth (and fish) and beautiful Oquaga Lake.


September offers us colorful memories of the Autumn seasons

September is Spoken About by The Oquaga Spirit

September is Spoken About by The Oquaga Spirit:

The bright colors of September in the autumn.
All the Colors of the Rainbow as Bright as Burning Matches

Autumn leaf color is a phenomenon that affects the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs by which they take on, during a few weeks in the autumn season, various shades of red, yelloow. orange purple. All the colors of the rainbow. I promised on my website, DSOworks.com to share the wisdom of the Oquaga Spirit. Here is an excerpt from her poem called, September. The complete book of her poetry is available on our website. Little by little, they will all be shared in these blogs. The Oquaga Spirit’s haunt is Oquaga Lake in the Catskill Mountains. She is a female spirit from the Lennie Lenape tribe. On my hikes in the wilderness she was my constant companion. For atleast 15 years I was called the “Summer Bard of the Catskill Mountains” because of her. I was based at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House in Deposit, New York.

September has colors that even stand out a a cloudy day in the Catskills.
The Barn and Storage facilities at Scotts Set Against the Backdrop of Autumn



The hot and hazy days
Of July and August are gone
Along with sleeping in
And lounging on the lawn.

The cottagers are closing up
Their children returning to school
September has rounded the corner
And crisp cool days now rule.

A flurry of activity
Anticpates flurries of snow…
Like a hot bed of bees.
Bustling wherever you go

Packing up belongings
Returning to city life
Shopping for kitchen and clothing
There’s traffic and urban strife.

The clock becomes the king
Enthroned over school and work.
The untimed days of summer
Are now quite jumpy and jerked.

Nature dons new clothes
Shedding her uniforms of green
In favor of brighter colors
As far as can be seen.

Seeds are ready to drop
Leaves are coming down
Twirling in cosmic spirals
Until they hit the ground.

But in nature’s flurry is grace,
Never as frantic as man.
She calmly faces each day
Unfolding by divine plan.

Image result for picture from Scott's Oquaga Lake House
Sample David, reciting his poetry,  on the front page thumbnail of DSOworks.com. Click on picture trail to purchase the book on the site.

Fire Section of My Complete Elemental Suite for Piano

Fire Section of My  Complete Elemental Suite for piano. Ancient sages believed in five elements. They were earth, air, fire, water and ether. The 5th element was a single composite, supernal element beyond the other four. These five elements were thought to be the source of creation. In fact,they are. However, they have been misunderstood. Here’s the take I was shown by the Oquaga Spirit. This Indian female spirit from the Lennie Lenape  demonstrated how the cosmos comes from two types of number squares:

  • Ether comes from the initial or first number square in order of size that can be built: 3 x 3

The smallest of the number squares was invoked on the 6th day of Creation when God said it was "very good."
The source of ether is number 5. It is the only number at the center of the 1st number square.

The two types are either odd and even numbered. The prototypes are the 3 x 3 and the 4 x 4. The first number square(above) , from smallest to biggest, is the 3 x 3. Only one number is at its center. It’s number five. That number represents  ether. Then, the first even number square is 4 x 4. It consists of 16 numbers. Four numbers sit at its center. These are the 4 elements. The 1st chapter of Genesis is also about how God used these two number squares for His Creation. Thus, the 5 elements of antiquity total the two types of centers in the first two number squares: Odd and even.  The goddess cultures were all about  number squares and how they expressed basic cosmic laws.  In my current 150 blogs on DSO works, I go into great detail on this subject. All posts are very easy to access.

The Four Elements, including Fire, Come From the 1st Evenly Numbered “Magic Square.”

Image result for Find a copyable 4 x 4 number square
Fire: Is one of the 5 elements God used for creation. It is one of the 4 elements at this square’s center.

In my Elemental Suite, this element, expresses its characteristic essence. Fire represents spirit and life. Note the expression “the spark of life.” It’s energetic. The symbol is a triangle pointing upwards. Fire is closely connected to passion and sexual energy. The pyramid shape is also represented by the triangle of “fire”. On the youtube video below we have different types of flames:

  • The raging power of fire expressed at the opening played in  a military manner.
  • A more gentle, feminine but yet passionate fire as the 2nd theme.
  • A smoldering fire in the  middle section that builds to the repeat.
  • The repeated section ends with a blaze of glory.

I am available for concerts of my own music. Check some of my piano compositions and arrangements on DSOworks. Below is the feature. Also, Sharon and I have co-written numerous musicals over the years. Check out our products page for samples. Hope you enjoy this selection. Incidentally, look out the window on the youtube sample. You can actually see shades of beautiful Oquaga Lake in the background. The Indian spirit that resides there taught me about the  number squares of older civilizations and how they were used by American Indian tribes.

Eureka! The mysterious Oquaga Spirit is found here, if you are lucky.

Eureka: Is yelled by Archimedes, then by Ohrenstein

Eureka! was the exclamation of Archimedes of Syracuse. It translates from Greek: “I found it!” He noticed that the level of the water in the bath he was taking rose as he got in. Archimedes then realized this knowledge could be used to determine not only the volume the King’s crown; but if it was made of real gold. The King had expressed a strong wish to know.


Some 2,200  years later I, David Ohrenstein, had been looking for the “grain of mustard seed” from which everything grows.  It has been a life long, personal quest. A spirit, that I call the Oquaga Spirit, verbally gave me the answer.  This spirit has a haunt around Oquaga Lake in the Catskill Mountains near Deposit New York. The lake is spring fed. It is perched at an elevation of about 2,000 feet. The  next 30 years I passed, intensely  researching her words: “If you want to know the source of all the sciences and arts, look more closely at the 3 x 3 number square.”

I now believe what the spirit told me  is truth. The 3 x 3 number square is the grain of mustard seed from which everything grows. The spirit illuminated hidden number codes within the walls of its tick-tack-toe board. It even explained double and spiral coding. As a result, I have written over 1000’s of pages.  Her wisdom redefines knowledge in the sciences and arts. I believe this knowledge will lead to a new Golden Age of “peace and plenty”. I  spent 15 summer seasons on Oquaga Lake as the pianist at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House.  The Oquaga Spirit was a native American Indian of the Lennie Lenape tribe.  Their encampments included this lake. Women were in charge and had the power.

Enjoy this free sample of the Oquaga’s Spirit’s wisdom through her poetry. The complete book is available as a product on DSOworks.com for $2.99.  It has 100 pages of poetry with pictures.  Or, if funds are tight, enjoy this free youtube recording of some of the poetry she dictated. I’ve memorized all her words in the book. Why not invite the Oquaga Spirit to your next program or party? As a pianist, I will be posting a one hour DVD of me playing the music of Claude Debussy in the near future.


Archimedes of Syracuse
Archimedes Thoughtful by Fetti (1620)

Archimedes Thoughtful by Fetti (1620)
Roses contain mysteries and were favored in Jerusalem

Roses, the only flower allowed in Jerusalem

Roses, the only flower allowed in Jerusalem. What got me thinking about roses was the beautiful red rose bush I bought for my wife, Sharon, on her returning home. The cultivation of roses in Jerusalem is based on  an article by Joshua Siskin in the LA Daily News, dated 1/15/16. He mentions two sources: Babylonian Talmud and the great sage, Rashi (see picture below).

  • In Dava Kama, 82b “there had been rose gardens in Jerusalem from the days of the 1st prophets”.
  • Rashi states they were added to the Temple incense that was used twice a day. Cultivation of the roses was permitted for this purpose by the Jordan River.

I’ve been blogging on antiquity and number squares. This wisdom was given to me by the Oquaga Spirit. She was of the Lennie Lenape Tribe. They surrounded the area around Oquaga Lake in Deposit, New York. They were also a branch of the Algonquin Indians. The first two odd number squares of antiquity were the  3 x 3 and 5 x 5 (check my other blogs). The middle number of the 3 x 3 is 5. The middle number of the bigger 5 x 5 is 13. Here’s how roses relate:

  • The rose has 5 “strong petals”.
  • It has 13 weaker petals on the outside
  • In geometry there are only 5 possible regular polyhedrons. (Platonic solids)
  • There are only  13 semi-regular solids (called the Archimedian solids)
  • Number squares set the entire pattern for the cosmos.
  • 5 and 13 are central numbers on the goddess culture 3 x 3 and 5 x 5 number squares, respectively,  used in Neolithic times.
  • In Hebrew letters doubled as numbers with a single symbol. This is called by the Greek name, gematria. I have blogged about how numerous names that our Creator is referred to in the Torah, duplicate key numbers of 3 x 3 and 5 x 5 squares.
  • Related image
    The 13 semi regular solids were names after Archimedes

    Many of my 146 blogs thus far are about the number squares. All are easily accessible along with our many musical blogs.  We have concerts, shows and music- all original.  Many are on the thumbnails and can be viewed for free on DSOworks.com.  Number squares were the basis of goddess cultures. This knowledge has been lost. On my products page, I have 100 pages with the poetry that the Oquaga Spirit dictated to me. I added pictures. What is the conclusion: With knowledge, a Golden Age  of peace and plenty can be regained. I plan, the Holy Name willing, to keep blogging until that happens – David.


‘About Face’ grandiflora rose (Photo by Joshua Siskin)
‘About Face’ grandiflora rose (Photo by Joshua Siskin)


Ahav and Love. The Sign Over Scott's entrance states Love is Spoken Here

“Ah”- A Most Wonderful Syllable

“Ah”- A Most Wonderful Syllable. “Ah is the sound that summarizes the world’s religions. With its sound comes release and relaxation. Hold it up to a mirror and you have: “ha”. That’s the syllable of joy and laughter. Combing “ah” and “ha” and you have “aha”. “An “aha” moment brings enlightenment: Relaxtion, joy, enlightenment…from a tiny syllable. Can the answer to life’s difficulties be resolved so easily? Yes. Finally, let’s add a vibrating “v” sound to aha. We have “ahav”. Ahav  (אָהַב) is the Hebrew verb for love. It vibrates joy, love, laughter and an enlightened atmosphere into the cosmos.Very appropriately, Rabbi Michael Monk in his Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet calls the “v” sound and its Hebrew double, “Beis” which is the “b” sound, the letter of blessing.

Religions that Use the “Ah” Sound to call on God

  • The Hindu “Brahma”
  • The Muslim “Allah”
  • The Christian name for Jesus, “Yashuah”
  • Buddhist “Buddah”
  • The Shinto goddess “Amaterasu”
  • Hebrew “Yahweh”
  • Zoroaster’s “Ahura-Mazda”

An Excerpt From A Treatise Inspired by the Oquaga Spirit

The sign posted over the door at the entrance of Scott’s Oquaga Lake House simply states: Love is Spoken Here. Almost of of my thoughts and ideas you are reading on these blogs came from the female, Indian spirit from the Lennie Lenope tribe. At Scott’s she made love become a reality for me as she has for multitudes of others.

I consider it the greatest honor of my life to have worked for and with the Scott family for so many years. They are wonderful people. I feel that going there is more than a vacation. It is a destination place for everyone. Come back from this pilgrammage feeling refreshed and renewed after communing with the Oquaga Spirit. This Indian spirit  from the Lennie Lenape Tribe is really there!
Related image
This seemingly insignificant song book from Scott’s has given more people more pleasure than you can ever imagine. The Oquaga Spirit goes with you on the ride. She tells you: “This celebration of music, A floating hymn of praise; will stay with all the tots into their adult days.”
Image result for Pictures from Scotts Oquaga lake House
The showboat docked at Scotts. It is best described by the Oquaga Spirit who says: “Around 9 pm the night does cast a hue around the lake and hills of velvety-navy blue.” (summer solstice scene)


Watch for The Oquaga Spirit Speaks to be available soon on DSOworks.com as a product. Feel free to share this blog with your friends. Is this happy or what?