The web of the spider symbolizes creative power

Spider, Surya Yantra and 3 x 3 number square

Spider, Surya Yantra and 3 x 3 number square. Symbols are imbued with power. The spider is highly significant in this regard. With its power, its bite can be anywhere from annoying to deadly. As a symbol it also is highly representative. Throughout history, spiders have been depicted in popular culture, mythology and in symbolism. From Greek mythology to African folklore, the spider has been used to represent a variety of things, and endures into the present day, It characterizes, among others,  Shelob from The Lord of the Rings and spider man from the eponymous comic series.

spider also is animated in poplular culture clearing
Spiderman clears the way for acceptance of the return of its frorm by the 3 x 3 number square and the Tree of Life with Tifereth at the center of 8 emanations.
Spider is a symbol of the univese and its processes
A center with 8 extensions is multi- symbolic. They include the I Ching. It is at the heart of the Hebriac Tree of Life. It forms the symbol of the 3 x 3 number square.
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Each circle is an emanation. From the center of Tifereth you will count 8 paths. The spider is a perfect symbol of Tifereth and its paths.

The basic becomes the most complex. The cosmos, including the spider, grows out of this 3 x 3 grain of mustard seed.Related image

On the Hebriac Tree of Life, the heart is Tifereth. The span of Tifereth is Paradise. Buddha made this construct into the Eightfold noble path. On a parallel note, at the embryo of the I Ching are eight trigrams. They, like the Tree of Life, are also arranged as an octagon around a center. I offer the following quotation below from my, The Staff of God Volume I.


The eight trigrams were invented by the mytholoical emporer Fu-Hsi
His dates were from 2953-2838 B.C.
He was the 1st of the 5 emporers of China’s legendary period.
Parallel: At the center of 8 numbers on the square of three, sits number 5.

Emporer Fu-shi saw the I Ching marking on the back of a divine tortise.
Which is said to have inspired the 8 trigrams
On the tortise, dots replaced the numbers.
Dark dots were yin. Light dots were yang.

My thought is at one time in pre-history, knowledge of the 3 x 3 number square was more complete. Today, most are totally ignorant of its importance. It unified mankind.  In this unity, peace was found. I hope we can restore this lost knowledge to bring about a new Golden Age. I think all of us deserve nothing less. Peace be with you.





keys how the piano keyboard is the drawing board for the Great Pyramid of Egypt

Congruous:Perfect Musical Intervals and Fibonacci Series

Congruous:Perfect Musical Intervals and Fibonacci Series. Perfect intervals have the most pleasing sound. They have been judged so since antiquity. These intervals vibrate in whole number ratios. A unison vibrates in the ratio of 1:1. The octaves vibrates 2:1. The fifth vibrates 3:2. The fourth is an inverted fifth. Instead of C-G (C-D-E-F-G); we have G-C (G-A-B-C). The fourth is merely an “inverted fifth” in the 7 letter musical scale of A,B,C,D,E,F,G, A,B,C,D,E,F,G,…. We count 5 letters from C-G. We count four letters from G-C.

Inverted musical intervals have a rule by nine. When a fifth is inverted (C-G); it becomes a fourth (G-C). 5 + 4 = 9. When a unison is inverted (c-c), it becomes an octave(c-c’): 1 + 8 = 9. When a 3rd is inverted c-e) , it becomes a sixth (e-c’): 3 + 6 = 9. When a second is inverted (c-d), it becomes a seventh (d-c’): 2 + 7 = 9.

Let’s look at the first numbers of the Fibonacci series. They grow by successive addition. At first, the “one” repeats. Then we continue adding the adjacent numbers.  We thus have: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 etc.


Congruous: Three  Basic Perfect Intervals With the First Four Fibonacci Numbers

  • Look the the musical unison, the one; but in terms of its complementary octave. The one is really two, i.e. the unison and the octave. The one therefore repeats. We have “1,1,…” Likewise the “vesica piscis” shows one circle in the process of becoming two. They second is its complement. Numberous geometrical forms and shapes are generation by geometrical construction from this vesica. In a similar way, the shapes and forms of the Universe are generated by the Fibonacci series.
  • Related imageThe vesica piscis demonstrates the “one” becoming the “two”. One circle is morphing itself into two circles. The length of the vesica is defined by BA and the width by PO.  Read my blog on DSO works about the 1st Christian church, the Glastonbury Abbey in the town of Glastonbury, England on  It was most probably built by the disciples of Christ including St Joseph of  Arimathea. He settled in Gastonbury with a grant of 12 hides of land right after the crucifixion.  Its proportions were set by the turquoise area of the interlocking “vessel”.
    • I’ve blogged about the Glastonbury Abbey  in the town of Glastonbury England. John Michell, in The View Over Atlantis, explains the basis of its foundation: Two circles interlocking center to center of 660 feet each.
    • Image result for Glastonbury Abbey in England free painting of photo
      The Abbey blueprint was first conceived in the vessel of the fish (vesica piscis) of two overlapping circles each with a 660 foot diameter
  • After the musical  unison (1 to 1); we have the first perfect interval, the octave. It vibrates in the ratio of  2:1.
  • After the octave, the next perfect interval is the fifth. It vibrates in the ratio 3/2.
  • Thus we see the repeated one with the next two Fibonacci numbers form  the basis of perfect musical intervals. The first four numbers being  1,1,2,3…
  • Of course, the piano keyboard merely continues the series: Two black keys. Then 3 black keys. The total is 5. Then we have 8 tones from one octave to the next. Then we have 13 half tones altogether: The 5 blacks are added to the 8 whites. Behold the series: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13…Music works with the same numbers as life.

In the distant past, this knowledge spanned the Earth.  Life was harmonious and perfect at one time in Eden. I propose reviving this wisdom with its vision of peace and plenty. In this manner, our lives will seem congruous with each other. Paradise is projected by the mind.



Commemeration concert

Eightfold Noble Path is Paradise In Buddhism and Judaism

Eightfold Noble Path is Paradise In Buddhism and Judaism. In the featured picture, Rubinoff and I are working on the eightfold noble path of musical phrases. He made a fortune in the 1930’s playing the violin. He was also about beautiful melody.

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The Eight spokes on the wheel symbolize the eightfold noble path of Buddha.

The wives and sons of Abraham depicted on the 1630 Venice Haggadah. Keturah stands at far right with her six sons. She was Abrahman’s Wife after Sarah. ‘Katurah is referred to in Genesis 25:1. She named their 1st born son Joktan after her own father’s name.  Issac was Abraham’s 1st born son by Sarah.  The distant past is not documented. It is like a puzzle that must be pieced together. So, here I go:

The 8-fold Noble Path Leads to Paradise

I this blog I will point a out parallel between:

  • Tree of Life and the 8-fold noble path. תפארת is at the heart of the Tree of Life (see picture). Eight paths radiated from it. Its translation into numbers by Hebraic gematria is 1081. One was often added for the presence of the Creator. The number alludes to the octagon. An octagon has 1080 degrees. Count the paths. Eight issue from  תפארת.
  •  In the same manner Buddha has the eight fold noble path with 4 truths that lead to the central ideal state of mind, nirvana. The four truths are (1) Suffering is in the nature of things. (2) Suffering is caused by desire (3) The way to reid desire is the eight fold noble path. (4) With no desire there is no suffering.
  • The eight spokes of the 8 fold noble path represent the right (1) view (2) intentions (3) speech (4) action (5) livelihood (6) effort (7) concentration (8) mindfulness.
  • Finally, last but not least. Music places you on the path to Paradise. It is a system based on eights. We have the 8 bar phrase.  All the chromatic tones are found in the octave span. The primary overtone is an octave. Please, study music. Give yourself a piece of Paradise.

Now Why Does the Eight Fold Noble Path Lead to Paradise?

Think like an ancestors. Look to arithmetic for the answer. תפארת (Tifereth) is the Heart of the Tree of Life. Divide its number, 1081,  emanation by pi. You have a diameter of 344.0…The Hebrew word for Paradise is  . Its numerical equivalent is 344. Here is the religious parallel: The 8 fold noble path of Buddha leads to Nirvana. Eight emanations on the Tree of Life lead to Paradise. Here’s my take: It was a custom to send away sons that would rule. Such was the case with Abraham, Moses and Jacob. Sources, even in the Talmud, state that some of Abraham’s progeny went to the Far East. This parallel helps to affirm the connection that the: Eightfold Noble Path is Paradise In Buddhism and Judaism.




Four-Leaf Clover is Lucky- Here’s Why

Four-Leaf Clover is Lucky

First all of all, the Four-Leaf Clover is rare. It is thought that 1 in 10,000 clovers have four leaves. Each leaf has its own quality. All are good!   The clover brings faith, hope, love and luck. Others believe in comes with the foursome of fame, wealth, love and health. Take your pick! The four-leaf clover is thought of in this fortunate manner all over the world as well as historically.  In the Medieval Ages, children thought they could see fairies if they held the clover. Christian legends actually called it a piece of Paradise. In the Torah, Genesis 2: 10-14 states: And a river went out of Eden to water the garden: and from thence it was parted and bcame four heads. It’s easy to see how we can associated the four-leaf clover with Paradise.

The fortune a four-leaf clover brings
Four-leaf white clover (Trifolium repens)
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The four-leaf clover is especially celebrated on St Patrick’s Day


What is the source of this positive association? Can we use the source in our own lives to make them better? The answer: The source is the 4 x 4 number square; and yes.  I’ve already blogged about Elohim’s use of it in the 1st chapter of Genesis. Quick review: Any  opposite numbers equal 17. God use the word “good” to describe his Creation on each day.  In Hebrew, “good” has a gematria of 17. Any two opposite number on the 4 x 4 square equal 17. It is literally a good luck amulet. The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols says  Jupiter: “embodies the principles of balance, authority, order, steady progression, plenty and the preservation of the established structure of society.” The number square of Jupiter is a symphony of fours:

  • It is the 1st evenly numbered of the seven number squares of antiquity.
  • It not only has four squares at its center, but
  • It consists of a box with 4 squares on the length of each side. Simply stated, the four leaf clover animates this number square. I believe that it is behind the clover that gives the Irish the power of the “green”
  • Image result for Find a copyable 4 x 4 number square
    The square of numbers that Elohim used in Genesis that was invoked by the Hebrew word “tov” which equals 17 by Hebraic gematria. Any two opposite numbers total 17. 

    The Four-Leaf Clover and 17 from the above number square are both used on St. Patrick’s Day. The connections are only “good”.