Reincarnation Can Be Read in Numbers Here

Reincarnation as per the Great Pyramid is Upscale

Reincarnation as per the Great Pyramid is Upscale. Can numbers be read like words? What if at one time they were? Nowadays numbers use one side of the brain. Words use the other. At one time they were represented by the same symbol. That is called by the Greek word, gematria.

Today,  language functions include grammar, vocabulary and literal meaning. These use one side of the brain. Numbers and music, on the other hand, tend to favor the other side.  Words are typically lateralized to the left hemisphere. This is true especially in right handed individuals.[3] Language production is left-lateralized in up to 90% of right-handers.  It is more bilateral, or even right-lateralized, in left-handers.[4]

Image result for Wiki Commons picture of a left handed pitcher
Odds are a left hand pitcher thinks more with the right side of the brain.

So What Can Numbers of the Great Pyramid Tell Us of Reincarnation?

First, we need to look at perfect numbers. Read the internal link below. You’ll see how 28 is a perfect number. Also, ancient civilizations did not recognize zero as an independent number. Why is this important? The height  of the Great Pyramid originally was 280 shorter Egyptian cubits. That cubit is 1.71818… feet. Twenty-eight is the essential number. However,  a 5 cubit tip has been missing since time immemorial. Legend has it, if it ever would be restored, a Golden Age would return. This event can be read by numbers. Twenty-eight is perfect. The Great Pyramid would be perfect when 5 cubits are added to its 275 cubit truncated height. Thus: 275 cubits + 5 cubits  would equal 280 cubits.

Let’s Continue Read its Numbers to Arrive at Reincarnation

The Pyramid’s square base is 440 shorter cubits on each side. The Hebrew language gives us a clue as to the meaning. In Hebrew the word for death is pronounced, “mate”. In the game of chess, losing is called checkmate.


A selection of black and white chess pieces on a chequered surface.
Reincarnation can only happen in the next chess game.

Mate is spelled with two Hebrew letters as mem and tav (מת).  Remember, the letters double as numbers. Mem is the symbol for 40. Tav is the symbol for 400. Thus 40 + 400 = 440. Here is how death, reincarnation and perfection can be read at the Great Pyramid.  Death is horizontal- flat out.  That is the 440 (mate) position that measures each side of the flat square base. We strive for perfection by rebirth until we reach the height of perfection. That is incorporated by number 280. Again, 280 cubits is the height with the restored tip. Twenty-eight is a perfect number. So we are reincarnated until we go as high as we can go in the ancient Egyptian view. Then, there is no need for more incarnations. 


Tempus fugit so keep yourself young

Tempus Fugit so Learn to Keep Yourself Young

Tempus Fugit so Learn to Keep Yourself Young. Tempus fugit is a Latin phrase, usually translated into English as “time flies“. The expression comes from line 284 of book 3 of Virgil‘s Georgics,[1] where it appears as fugit inreparabile tempus: “it escapes, irretrievable time”. The phrase is used in both its Latin and English forms as a proverb that “time’s a-wasting”. Time seems to move at quick speeds. Tempus fugit also can translate: “Time is like a fugitive.” It’s a favorite to place on plaques that are mounted on grandfather clocks.

Tempus fugit Image result for Wiki Commons picture of a grandfather clock
Time is a fugitive, always fleeing. How do you slow it down?

Tempus Fugit in Our Opera Octavian and Cleopatra

The upper featured picture has David Powers on the right. Joe Fast is on the left. They star in our opera: Octavian and Cleopatra. I, David Ohrenstein, wrote the music. My wife, Sharon Ohrenstein, wrote the book and lyrics.  David Powers plays the ghost of Julius Caesar. Joe Fast is the ghost of Marc Anthony. They try to communicate to Octavian. He must show Cleopatra that he loves her. Otherwise, she might do something drastic! Unfortunately, Octavian’s motto and the words he lives by is “make haste slowly.” This sets the wheels of tragedy in motion. The youtube sample is live from our production at the Palladium Theater. Cleopatra is  played by lyricist and book-writer, wife Sharon. She and the two ladies in waiting sing of their next lifetime. They receive instructions on  how to be high born from Cleopatra.

Lesley and Ohrenstein’s It is time to say Goodbye – YouTube
Dec 14, 2007 – Uploaded by Rudder3218

Lesley and Ohrenstein’s “Octavian & Cleopatra” Trio sing It is time to say Goodbye & Like A Phoenix.

So, dramatically speaking we can always be young with reincarnation. However, my  book of poetry, is entitled The Oquaga Spirit Speaks. It offers a partial solution to aging. We can not ride the wave of time to avoid aging. Here is the spirit’s rhyme: “Keeping in motion is youth’s potion.”  It simply paraphrases Isaac Newton’s saying. Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. Conclusion: move and stay young. Contact us at DSOworks@gmail,com. Finally there’s a new opera you can really enjoy!

History comes alive in Hellenistic Egypt in our new opera, Octavian and Cleopatra.

Opera can be a Cornucopia of Useful Knowledge

Opera can be a Cornucopia of Useful Knowledge.Watch our newest  opera on the youtube sample below,  Cleopatra is sung my wife Sharon Lesley Ohrenstein. I, composer-David, play the piano.   Cleopatra and her ladies  in waiting sing of their next lifetime. Having an abundance of gold at  death insures highborn status.  They sing a featured trio  in the second act: “Like a Phoenix.” Witness the enthusiastic audience reaction.  Even some of the arias from our opera makes for an unforgettable special event.  It is beautiful and melodic. The setting is exotic and sexy. In antiquity it was believed that world was once concieved by musical tones. Therefore, musical tones for  ancient operatic topics are appropriate.

▶ 4:47

History comes live in our new opera "Octavian and Cleoplatra" at the Palladium Theater filmed in live performance.
Belief in re-incarnation was once widely held. Wife, Sharon, sings of this hope for their next life.

Octavian and Cleopatra  saw its world premier at the St Petersburg Fl. Palladium Theater. The 3 weekend engagements were packed. The use of musical tones as a tool for structure and building goes back to at least 4,000 B.C: Philo was an Alexandrian scholar. He lived in the 1st century B.C.E. Of  the Mesopotamians he wrote: They sought worldwide harmony and unison through musical tones. His source, of course, was the great library at Alexandria.


1584 European depiction of Philo


During Caesar’s conquest of Egypt in  48 BC, the library was accidentally burned.  We researched our opera for about 3 years before writing it.  Our cast of seven singers/actors were incredibly dedicated. They felt the opera was a tiger by the tail. It has a unique twist. The Captain of the Guard falls in love with Cleopatra.  He plans their joint escape. This most exciting historical event can now be brought to life for your special  event. Even just a recital of just some of the arias would make a spellbinding presentation. Contact us at Witness the glory that was Rome and Egypt as never before!

In our opera the captain of the guard falls in love with Cleopatra.
The Captain  is supposed to guard Cleopatra. He falls in love with her. Then he plans an escape.