Special arranging was shunned by Beethoven

Special Arranging was Not Beethoven’s Cup of Tea!

Special Arranging was Not Beethoven’s Cup of Tea!  Beethoven loved receiving inspiration.  He would stroll in the woods for this purpose.  He also created his music of grand sentiment. For example:  Symphony No.5 deals with the struggle and the joy of victory.  “The Pastoral symphony” represents the expression of the love he held for  for nature.  However, he refused to make special arrangements for specific instruments once the work was composed. Of course, his editors took up the slack. His publishers hired arrangers through their own publishing houses. The end result was Beethoven sold more copies and made more money. This happens when you increase your potential buyers.

What Exactly is Special Arranging?

I will define arranging by a joke. It circulated in the entertainer’s old haven- the Catskill Mountains. Below is a picture of Oquaga Lake, It is perched high in the Catskills.  I was the house pianist at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House for some 17 years. As such, I accompanied many Catskill comedians and professionals.  Harry Carlyle often told this story:

Image result for picture of a canary in a cage
This lucky song bird has an arranger!

“A man walks by a pet shop in the summer. Its windows are open. He hears a canary singing. The man walks in and says to the pet shop owner: “I love the song of this canary. How much does she cost?” The pet shop owner says, “”five dollars”. “That’s all, the man answers, I’ll take her!”. The pet shop owner says,”Wait a minute.” Do you see that ugly, scraggly, looking bird over there? The man answers, “yes”. “The owner says, “When you buy her, you have to buy him. And, he’s $100.00 dollars”. The man looks up in a state of puzzlement: “Why should I buy that ugly, scraggly bird over there for $100.00 when I can have this beautiful songbird for $5.00?” The pet shop own answers: “He’s the arranger!.”


Scott's Oquaga Lake House where I heard this special arranging joke.
Scott’s Oquaga Lake House where I also made many arrangements for comedians, singers, etc.



Incidentally, in between jobs I offer piano lessons in Sarasota.


Roosters also announce the time of the year

Roosters Offer a Sense of the Seasons

Roosters Offer a Sense of the Seasons. First, some important facts about terminology. Mature male chickens less than one year old are called cockerels. The term “rooster” originates in the United States.[1] The term is widely used throughout North America, as well as Australia and New Zealand.[2] The older terms “cock” or “cockerel”, the latter denoting a young cock, are used in the United Kingdom and Ireland.[3]

Cockerel next to the medieval chapel of Lynch  . 
The Tastes and Smells of Autumn was dictated to me by the Oquaga Spirit. Our family spent many summers on Oquaga Lake. I was the house piano player at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House.  Also my wife, Sharon,  and I did feature shows. On my time off, I’d stroll around this incredible lake. It has a spirit that liked to communicate to me through poetry. As I say in the book that resulted is called, The Oquaga Spirit Speaks: “So much she needed an ear, she ignored my tranquility.” Oquaga Lake is located in the foothills New York’s Catskill Mountains. It is spring fed that stays cool even in the summer.
Image result for picture of Oquaga Lake on DSOworks.com
Here is a free sample of one of the 80 poems in the book. The entire color -illustrated book is available as a product on DSOworks.com. This roosters poem is entitled: The Smells of Childhood.  Enjoy life.  And oh yes, may the Oquaga Spirit be with you. The lake was once home to the Lennie Lenope tribe of American Indians. They were a branch of the Algonquins.
It’s half past six in the morning
The roosters start their call;
It used to be four-thirty.
But now it’s closer to Fall.
The blackberries have finally ripened,
From green to red to black.
They take their time all summer
And wait ’till Autumn’s back.The berries are the bells of Summer;
Wild strawberries in June
Then raspberries and blueberries.
Blackberries bring the Harvest Moon.Apples have reached full size;
Looking luscious on trees.
Gold and red and green
All sweetening before the freeze.

The acorn and the chestnut,
The pumpkin and the squash
Are readied for the table.
The season’s almost awash.

The baking warmth of kitchen
The smell of apple pie.
Excited chattering children
Can’t wait to give it a try

The smells of childhood remembered
Harken back to Fall
The kitchen congregation,
The festive banquet hall.

With a fresh cup of cider
Just pressed at the mill,
Let’s toast this tasty season
And pies on window sill.

Roosters have something to crow about!
The ice cream parlor at Scott’s Oquaga Lake House. Often apple pie was topped by a scoop of Perry’s Ice Cream.
Home of the humming bird

Humming Bird: The Symbol Spear-Headed My Search

Humming Bird: The Symbol Spear-Headed My Search

The humming bird was the front piece of my 35 year search to find the source of”truth”.

I had the goal of finding a significant model for the theme of “balance”. I thought it was the 5 regular “Platonic solids”. They are totally regular and balanced anyway you look at them. To accomplish this, Buckminister Fuller’s Synergetics was on my “to read” list. The book, however, is like a long lasting sucker: It is so big and intense, that you can only take one lick at the time. Then, I had a dream about a humming bird.  Shortly afterward, we went to Oquaga Lake’s setting in the Catskills. There, I met the Oquaga Spirit, as she called herself.

The Humming Bird of my Dream Makes Itself Known on Oquaga Lake

Our family started going to New York’s Catskills for five months; from May to October.  My wife, Sharon, and I, did our featured shows twice weekly. I was also the house pianist.  Spring fed Oquaga Lake has a spiritual presence. On the products page on DSOworks.com, I have my book of poetry:T he Oquaga Spirit Speaks. The spirit was originally a female from the matriarchal Lennie Lenope tribe. The tribe is a branch of the Algonquins.  There is still some controversy over the meaning of Oquaga.  Most recently an e-mail contact told me that Oquaga is a Mohawk word. It means “land of the wild grape.”

The resulting 100 page poetry book has poetry with pictures.  It is available through DSOworks.com for $2.99. I priced it that way to make the spirit’s words affordable.  Shortly I will post on youtube samples of me reciting the poetry. This excerpt below is called “The Oquaga Spirit”.

Doris and Scotty called
With an invite to Lake Oquaga
I met the spirit on walks
That lead to the words of this saga.

I played the piano at night
And afternoons on the boat.
But in the mornings I’d stroll,
And the Spirit would be afloat.

The poetry has several references to the humming bird including,”Ivy Towers.”

They perch on the porch
Hidden in the flowers;
Gazing down at us
From their ivy towers.

Colorful birds
Of every size
From the humming bird
To the owl so wise.

"Fingers of Fog" on Oquaga Lake
A “mist-ical” presence can sometimes be seen early in the morning on beautiful Oquaga Lake; home of the humming bird.


Planets and Hidden Number Codes

Planets and Hidden Number Codes: Here’s something new for the New Year. Happy New Year! I will try to keep it happy with all my blogging. When I worked in the worked mountains as the house piano player at Scotts Oquaga Lake House for some 20 summer seasons, I had the honor of working with a great entertainer: Steve de Passe, America’s singing poet. . He’d start every show with the same words: “Good news. I want good news only!” Then he would amaze his audience by making song and rhyme with a touch of comedy on the spot with every bit of good news that the audience gave him. This wonderful man would take our oldest son fishing, catch the fish, and then proceed to cook it for us for dinner with the skills of a master chef. How rare is that! My upcoming book of poetry called the Oquaga Spirit Speaks, will be available shortly as a product on this website (DSOworks.com).


Now how are the planets set up by the smallest of number codes? By one of the hidden codes on the number square and their timing in completing cycles around the Sun. I’ve already blogged about some hidden codes. Any opposite numbers going in an opposite direction taken two at the time equal 110 (as 49 + 61; 94 + 16; 15 + 95; 59 + 51 etc). In such a manner, 110 can be found in 16 different ways. 16 x 110 = 1760. Each of the planets listed below complete a whole number of orbits using the code by double numbers in either close approximations of 11 years or 176 years:

(1) Mercury…….46 orbits in 11.079 years
(2) Venus…….. 18 orbits in 11.074 years
(3) Earth…….. 11 orbits in 11 years
(4) Moon……….137 orbits in 11.077 years
(5) Mars……….11 orbits in 11.286 years
(6) Jupiter…….15 orbits in 177.933 years
(7) Saturn………6 orbits in 176.746 years
(8) Uranus……….2 orbits in 177.4 years

Conclusion: The square of three, known in ancient China as the Lo shu, holds numerical structural codes of numbers that our Universe is both timed and built by. At one time this was known by civilizations around the globe in a harmonious former age of peace and plenty..This wisdom was spoken to me by a female spirit of the Lennie Lenape tribe who made her haunt around Oquaga Lake where we had been frequenting for many years. Her words with pictures will be featured in my upcoming book,The Oquaga Spirit Speaks, to be available shortly on this website as a product.

Pebbles tossed in a pond, Circles do they make. from The Oquaga Spirit Speaks
Pebbles tossed in a pond,
Circles do they make.
from The Oquaga Spirit Speaks
commemorative concert to be given in Circleville, Ohio

Unearthing a Lost Concert of “Rubinoff and His Violin” After 30 Years


Unearthing a Lost Concert of “Rubinoff and His Violin”

Unearthing a Lost Concert of “Rubinoff and His Violin”After 30 Years. The year 1984 is not so far past; but the man playing the Stradivarius violin, David Rubinoff, was born in 1897. How I came to be his arranger and accompanist is quite a story.

In begins in 1911  when Victor Herbert, famed conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony and writer of operettas, was on a Sabbatical and touring Europe. It was at the Warsaw Conservatory of Music that Herbert heard a young Rubinoff playing his composition: Dance of the Russian Peasant. Without hesitation Herbert said: “Son, you belong to America.” And so, Victor Herbert brought him and his entire family back to the United States. Rubinoff  lived with Herbert who then placed him in the center of American cultural life. He was introduced to such notables as John Phillip Sousa,  the great tenor, Caruso, and others at the Sunday brunches held in his home.  I have had the honor of working with the Maestro Rubinoff since 1970.


To transition to this concert given at Scott’s Hotel in Deposit, New York; my wife, Sharon Lesley, and I have had quite a history concert touring together. We have been at Scotts during the summer months since 1983. I asked Ray Scott if I could invite Rubinoff and his wife to the hotel, and he jumped at the chance. Some 30 years later the Scotts have just now found the recording of our concert. Now you can hear, through youtube, why Victor Herbert insisted that Rubinoff belonged to America. At an actual performance at age 86 he will play the Dance of the Russian Peasant  and also with me, a beautiful approximately 45 minute concert of some of our arrangements. If you feel about the music as I do, you will believe you are witnessing a miracle.Continue reading