Why Number Five is the Key to Creation

Why Number Five is the Key to Creation. My primary source was (1) the Oquaga Spirit, that dwells on spring fed Oquaga Lake  in upstate New York on a mountain top. (2)  Rabbi Michael L. Munk’s book, The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet. To the best of my knowledge. God’s name Yah, as spelled  in Hebrew with a yud and a hei: : יָהּ  – has a numerial equivalent of 15. Any straight row of three numbers on the 3 x 3 number square also equals 15. The parallel with the 3 x 3 number square goes further. The first Hebrew letter of Yah is a yud which is also the symbol for number 10. In many ancient languages letters actually doubled as numbers. There were no separate number systems from the  letters like we have in English. On the 3 x 3 number square any two opposite two numbers always total 10. The core number on the square is 5, which is the numerical equivalent of the second letter, hei. 

Rabbi Munk describe  how “according to the Sages” this world was created by the letter hei (5) and the world to come with the letter yud (10).  The Rabbi  directly quotes Isaiah 26:4 בְּיָהּ יְהֹוָה צוּר עוֹלָמִים:  which translates “In the name of “Yah” God formed the worlds”.  By interlocking the 5 (this world) with the world to come (10) we are shown how the spirit from the world to come is intertwined with  the physical world by the 3 x 3 square that the Chinese civilization refers to as “Lo shu.”. By tradition it is is connected to the planet, Saturn, the giver of law.


So where is the grand unity? In my search, I was shown how the vibrations per second of the musical tones of antquity (whose vibrations per second are corroborated by Issac Asimov in his book, On Physics) built their holy sites on giving measure by the vibrations per second to these holy sites.Isaiah  knew this. By placing this key passage in 26:4; he aligned the Scripture with the diatonic tone “C” which vibrated 264 times per second. Other expresses of the use of the diatonic tone “C”

  • include Stonehenge: The distance from the center of its concentric circles to the heel stone is 264 feet
  • The Great Enclosure in Zimbabwe conceived as a circle with  circumference of 831 feet with a diameter of 264 feet.
  • The Hebrew word for the Passover prayer book is “seder”. It means “order”.  Without the letter “hei” which translates “the”, seder equals 264 by number equivalent. The order of Seder is a statement of the cosmic order found  not only in music, but in the measurement of holy sites around the world. To quote the theme of these blogs: Where there is unity and oneness, there is peace. As is said in Hebrew, and similarly in Arabic:
  • One length and one width of the Ka’aba (33 x 39 feet) translates to 26.4 megalithic yards of 2.72 feet (the fraction for converting is 30/11 = 2.727272…) The 3 letter root of both “Arab” and Hebrew in Hebrew letters equals 272. The both share the ayin (70) veis,(2)  and reisch(200)  letters; only re-arranged.
    Shalom aleichemשָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶםPeace be upon you


    Ha-Seder Shel Pesach (The Pesach Seder, in Hebrew)
    “The order of Passover” spelled in Hebrew letters represents a grand cosmic order of measure, music and religion.



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    Oquaga Lake is the sight of the matriarchal American Indian Lennie Lenape tribe. The “Lady of the Lake” most generously gave me the material that I am sharing with you in all of these blogs. A poetry book of 89 pages of her wisdom with pictures will be available soon on this website, very reasonably priced at $2.99.  I feel that this tribe has some connection with the lost tribe of Israel.



An Ancient Concept of the Universe in Code

Macrocosm/microcosm is a Greek compound of μακρο- macro- and μικρο- micro-, which are Greek respectively for “large” and “small”, and the word κόσμος kósmos which means “order” as well as “world” or “ordered world.” Where is the code? It is in the numerical side that letters had in antiquity. Briefly, in English we “A” and number “1”. We have “B” and number “2” etc. In Greek, Hebrew, Arabic… they only had one symbol for A and 1; B and 2, C and 3… Often languages will have the same numbers behind the same nouns or concepts to show that they are related. Of course, this is totally at odds with our modern and western way of thinking. Some even take offense at the very thought of letters and numbers being represented by the same symbol. The concept that every letter, word, phrase or sentence had not its own specific pronunciation, but also a number attached to it, to most seems strange. Today, in our modern civilization, we have developed language and number schizophrenia: Letters use one side of the brain, while numbers use the other. Many children in schools are either good at language or math; few excel in both. Perhaps that is why our civilization is  split and divided as is our collective thinking.  As a consequence we have had an abundance of misunderstandings and wars.  In contrast,the priests and philosophers of  antiquity were holistic in this sense.


An Ancient Concept of the Universe in Code -John Michell, in The View Over Atlantis, in Chapter Six, The Alchemical Fusion, gives and demonstrates how the accepted gematria for macrocosm as 831; just as the words for pyramid and phallus in Greek.  When 831 is formed as the value of a circumference of a circle, its diameter is virtually 264. Thus,what was built by number 264 in antiquity represents  the span of  the curvature of thecosmos. We now have the following:

  • The average diameter (see my blog for pictures) is the Great Enclose in Zimbabwe is 264 feet its circumference is 831 feet
  • The distance from the center of Stonehenge to the Station Rectangle that marks the intersection of the paths of the Moon and Sun at right angles is 264 feet.
  • The design below depicts the Ancient Temple Plan that I was given a vision of on the mountain around Oquaga Lake. Its application to the builders of ancient sites solves countless mysteries as I will be blogging about. Each of the 7 circles has a circumference of 1106 by number and diameter of 352. From central point “D” to “G” is 264. Segments taken from this design were used to measure holy sites all around the earth.
  • At the Ka’aba,  Holy Site in Mecca, one length and width of the base (in feet 33 x 39) is 26.4 megalithic yards.
  • In Hebrew the word Seder, meaning the order of the ritual at Passover, totals 264. It certainly denotes a universe order as noted above by the Greeks.  The Siddur, the daily prayer book, derives from the same word
  • The Greek diatonic tone “C” (comparable to our “middle C” vibrated to 264 times per second (as per Issac Asimov in On Physics)
  • Ancient Musical Temple Plan
    The Ancient Temple Plan was revealed to me on Oquaga Lake by the”The Oquaga Spirit”, an old Indian female spirit-guide. It formed the basis of measure of holy sites and musical tones in antiquity. My book, entitled The Oquaga Spirit Speaks; includes beautiful pictures of the lake and surroundings. It has 89 pages of poetry dictated to me word for word by this spirit guide while  hiking around Oquaga Lake. It will be available soon by download for $3.99  on this website.

The Great Enclosure and the Greek Diatonic Scale

The Great Enclosure and the Greek Diatonic Scale  The parallel of musical tones and measure is a theme I’ve been developing in these blogs. When prominent sites worldwide have key measurements in common, that relate to the vibrations per second of the tones of the ancient Greek diatonic scale; only one conclusion can be drawn: At one time mankind co-operated in an harmonious fashion. Hesoid, the Greek philosopher alluded to this around 700 BC when he stated that architecture was “frozen music.” Also the ancient Chinese allude to a time when yin, being the softer female qualities of love and peace, ruled the Earth. Riane Eisler in her book, The Chalice and the Blade, discusses the more peaceful times when the principle yin was dominant in the Neolithic Age. She cites ample  evidence from numerous  archaeological digs including Lepenski Vir and Jericho. Artifacts were dug up with little evidence of weaponry. This hints at the possibility of a former Golden Age, as Hesoid wrote about, characterized by peace and plenty.


How does this relate to our theme: The Great Enclosure and the Greek Diatonic Scale?   Its circumference is given by many sources as 830 feet. John Michell, in his writings, documents the antiquity of the 12 inch foot. There are examples of the cubic inch of gold (standard of weight) from many ancient cultures at the British Museum.  Any cube has 12 edges as 1″ x 12″ = 1 foot. That makes the Great Enclosure’s average diameter (it is not perfectly round) 264 feet.  In vibrations per second this duplicates the Greek diatonic tone “C”.  This measure is also used at an older structure-Stonehenge. The distance from its center to the center of the heel stone, outside the rings,  is 264 feet.  I thoroughly believe we are about to enter a new Golden Age of peace and plenty, as everything runs in cycles. Music and harmony will lead the way to this coming dream of mankind. Musical study by piano lessons, violin, tuba, anything- also can lead to harmony in your personal life. on a daily basis.

The Great Enclosure of Zimbabwe, also built by concept of music as “frozen architecture” put forth by Hesoid, the Greek philosopher, in the 8th century BC. It preserves the concept of a once harmonious time where mankind enjoyed the fruits of peace and plenty in a Golden Age.