Great Pyramid Connectivity to the 3 x 3 number square

Great Pyramid Connectivity to Number Squares

Great Pyramid Connectivity to the 3 x 3 Number Square. I’ve written many blogs about the 3 x 3 number square. Perhaps there is no end to the multitude of connections it has to the Great Pyramid.  Here are a few internal links. They are many more.

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Great Pyramid Connectivity


Great Pyramid Interconnectivity to the 3 x 3 number square
The circle that goes around the image and mirrored image of the Great Pyramid’s truncated dimensions is 1728 cubits in circumference. The tip is not encircled because it has been  historically missing.  12 x 12 x 12 = 1728.




As per the featured picture: Two sets trisected lines, 2 vertically and  2 horizontally- make 12 struts. These 12 struts, geometry and the set numbers freely intermingled in antiquity. Ancients used a process that wouldnow  be called “synergy” by the definition of engineer-philosopher, R. Buckminster Fuller.  Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller (12 Julie1895 – 1 Julie1983) was an American visionarydesignerarchitect, an inventor. He was a professor at Southern Illinois University.  Go to Epcot in Orlando. His mathematical theories  helped to construct the geodesic dome set at the entrance. Most have a difficult time understanding the meaning of synergy; however, here it is:

Image result for picture of the dome at Epcot in Orlando
The Dome R. Buckminster Fuller designed is realized at Epcot in Orlando
“Synergetics is the system of holistic thinking which RBuckminster Fuller introduced and began to formulate. … 102.00 Synergy means behavior of integral, aggregate, whole systems unpredicted by behaviors of any of their components or subassemblies of their components taken separately from the whole.

Synergetics | The Buckminster Fuller Institute

Some Synergetic Thoughts

  •  Thus, take the 12 struts  from the 3 x 3  number square. Square 12 as 12² = 144. This number is in the Fibonacci series: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377…each number is the sum of the preceding two. The Fibonacci series is framed by  hidden codes in the 3 x 3 number square. The framing numbers are ….5….55….555 + 55 (610) ….(Find the post)

Cube 12, as 12³ = 1,728. That ties 12  into the 3 x 3 number square in two ways:

  1. 1,728 is the product of the 12 struts (6 vertical + 6 horizontal) cubed.
  2. 1728 is also the product of the gnomon numbers of the 3 x 3 number square. The gnomon is illustrated in picture above. It is the 5-numbers that remain after the lower right four corner numbers are removed. Thus,   8 x 3 x 4 x 9 x 2 = 1728.

Conclusion: With Great Pyramid Connectivity we can theorize how a former Golden Age would have been maintained. Perhaps we can acquire better times by exploring such thinking?


Domes were once common domicles

Domes, Their Historical Usage and Class Division

Domes, Their its Historical Usage and Class Division. For this blog, we look to R.Buckminster Fuller.

Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller (/ˈfʊlər/; July 12, 1895 – July 1, 1983)[1] was an American architectsystems theorist, author, designer, and inventor.

Fuller published more than 30 books.  He popularized terms such as “Spaceship Earth“, ephemeralization, and synergetic. He popularized the widely known geodesic dome. Carbon molecules known as fullerenes were later named by scientists for their structural and mathematical resemblance to geodesic spheres.

Dome and its Form Were among Fuller's passions
R. Buckminster Fuller

Seemingly Magical Synergetics & R. Buckminster Fuller – DSO Works

Fuller was all about how parts of a system interact. He was an engineer. My internal link immediately above applies interaction to number squares. In this regard, ancient civilizations were all about synergy. Click on the link to find out how.

Image result for Buckminster Fuller
How’s this for a peaceful way to effect change?

Fuller divided dome history into two classes.

  • The 1st maintained the dome’s basic shape. It was elongated for swift directional functions.
  • The 2nd class evolved into the square. This represents most of the works of western civilization.

Fuller discusses how the 2nd class excludes science and its effects. It is a deterioration of structural principles. Class one shows domical scientific competence. It evolved from from grass basketry and wooden boats. Later it became the basis of aluminum and steel shipbuilding. More recently it has become aero-astro air frame power plant instrumentation.

Domes- From Boat to Residence

At first boats had the appearance of a sealed basket. These are depicted on Egyptian tombs dating back to 2500 B.C. In Scandinavia boats were used to build houses. There, upon reaching land, boats were overturned. Norsemen transformed them into a religious meeting building. Domes have  universality of gravity and geometry in a most optimum fashion.

In part, I wrote this blog, to point out the wisdom of the ancients. I believe there once was a Golden Age. Why shouldn’t we reclaim it?


Seemingly magical synergetics

Seemingly Magical Synergetics & R. Buckminster Fuller

Seemingly Magical Synergetics & R. Buckminster Fuller. First, who was R. Buckminster Fuller?

Image result for Wiki Commons picture of R. Buckminster Fuller
R. Buckminster Fuller
  • Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller (/ˈfʊlər/; July 12, 1895 – July 1, 1983)[1] was an American architectsystems theorist, author, designer, and inventor. Fuller published more than 30 books, coining or popularizing terms such as “Spaceship Earth“, ephemeralization, and synergetic. He also developed numerous inventions, mainly architectural designs, and popularized the widely known geodesic dome. Carbon molecules known as fullerenes were later named by scientists for their structural and mathematical resemblance to geodesic spheres.  Fuller was the second World President of Mensa from 1974 to 1983.[2
  • What is Fuller’s definition of synergy? Basically, you cannot predict the behavior of any system by looking at its individual parts. In Synergetics, section 109.01 Fuller states: “All alloys are synergetic.” He explains how chrome-nickel-steel has a far greater combined tensile strength than the combined muscle of all its individual metals. That is what makes the jet engine stable for high speed travel. Otherwise, the engine would melt.
To advance peacefully toward the next step in our collective experience , we must understand synergy.

The ancient Greeks and older cultures knew of the synergy of the 3 x 3 number square. This dates back to at least the Mesolithic era.∗ In a similar fashion, the 3 x 3 number square can make civilization stable today. Its synergetics, in turn, will make war obsolete. .

∗Mesolithic Period is also called Middle Stone Age. It is between the Paleolithic Period (Old Stone Age), with its chipped stone tools, and the Neolithic Period (New Stone Age), with its polished stone tools. They kept a Golden Age afloat with its synergy. Fuller does write about this.

Actually, in the entire Universe, the 3 x 3 number square is the ultimate synergetic model: If you look at its parts, you will never know the entirety. The entirety encompasses infinity. In seemingly magical synergetics; it synergizes all. “Where is the interaction of its parts”, you are probably asking?

Just Two of the Seemingly Magical Synergetics of the 3 x 3 Number Square Given Below

Image result for pictures on of the 3 x 3 number square
The Ultimate Universal Synergetic Diagram
  • Add the numbers around the central 5 (I term these numbers p1 which stands for perimeter one). 4 + 9 + 2 + 7 + 6 + 1 + 8 + 3 = 40. That is the single and obvious view. Let’s continue.
  • Add numbers two at the time overlapping the numbers. (I call this p-2. This stands for perimeter two: 49 + 92 + 27 + 76 + 61 + 18 + 83 + 34 = 440.
  •  Now take the numbers three at the time. Overlap the third with the first number. I call this p-3. This stands for perimeter three.  492 + 276 + 618 +  834 = 2,220.Then (p-1)   is 40 + (P-2)  is 440 + ( P-3) 2,220  = 2700. Finally, Divide this 2700 total of p1 + p2 + p3 by/ p3(2220)  or 40 + 440 + 2220/2220 = 1.2162…’  which is virtually one Egyptian remen. The remen is 1.2165 feet. Very important: A remen = 14.6 inches.  (12 x 1.2165).  The inch is of ancient origin. Cubic inches of gold were standard weights. Samples exist from Greece and Egypt.  They are in the British Museum.

Many blogs on define and reveal different aspects this most precious gem of mankind. I strongly believe Atlantis existed. They strayed from the way. Plato wrote about the subject. The seemingly magical synergetics of this number square can remake our existence harmonious with one another once more.


Cleopatra talks of the possibilities of togetherness and love in our opera, Octavian and Cleopatra

Togetherness Combines Synergy and Love

Togetherness Combines Synergy and Love. In the featured picture Robby May and Sharon Ohrenstein play the drama of the opera out on stage. The opera, Octavian and Cleopatra, is about the synergy found in love.  First, lets elaborately define this word:  What is synergy? Most know of togetherness and love. Let’s give the answer to synergy from an engineer’s point of view. R. Buckminister Fuller was a designer-engineer. Who is Buckminister Fuller, you ask?  An average man who believed in the ability of any common person to change the world! There’s hope for all of us. In his words:

I AM NOW CLOSE TO 88 and I am confident that the only thing important about me is that I am an average healthy human. I am also a living case history of a thoroughly documented, half-century, search-and-research project designed to discover what, if anything, an unknown, moneyless individual, with a dependent wife and newborn child, might be able to do effectively on behalf of all humanity that could not be accomplished by great nations, great religions or private enterprise, no matter how rich or powerfully armed.
Bucky Fuller, 1983[3]

Fuller describes  synergy in his book Synergetics Section 109. I will quote a discourse in one of my treatises. It is between myself (D.O.) and two seekers of knowledge. Here I reference Fuller as I discuss the keyword, togetherness.

Seeker II: So it seems that synergy would be defined as the behavior of the total system which cannot be predicted by the behavior of its parts.
D.O. Yes. Most people have the mindset that a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Synergy gives components “magical qualities”. This is just like love strengthening the bond between people in a magical way.
Seeker II: Could you explain what you mean?
D.O. Fuller refers to a chain. If someone would say a chain is as strong as the sum total of all its links, we would think that to be silly. If the same person would say that the chain is stronger than the sum of all its links, we would think it absurd. Now let’s look at the metals in a jet engine:

  • Iron which can old withstand 60,000 pounds per square inch in pressure.
  • Chromium with a tensile strength of 70,00 pounds per square inch
  • Nickel at 80,000 pounds per square inch
    Other elements add another 50,000 pounds per square inch for a total of  260,000psi.
  • The actual tensile strength of a jet engine is 350,000 per square inch. This is 90,000 pounds greater than the sum of all its parts.

Togetherness  Through Love is a Theme of All Our Musicals

That is the reason for the featured picture. Octavian is later crowned as  Augustus, first emporer of Rome. Our opera is all about how he realized his love for Cleopatra; but unfortunately, too late. As emporer, he built memorials to her and personally takes on the oversight and care of Egypt. He vowed to become the kind of man she would have loved the most. If that is not synergy, then what is?

Togetherness in New York happens on Broadway.
Harold Weiner kindly made us this postcard for the charity work we did the the Sarasota Music Archieves. Our opera is fully orchestrated. It has a cast of seven. It was staged at the Players Theater in Sarasota, Florida.




So how is the Baghdad City Outline Derived from the inch?

Rubik’s Cube Has an Element of Synergy

Rubik’s Cube has an Element of Synergy. Rubik’s Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle invented in 1974[1][2] by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik.   First, what is synergy?  Answer: The unpredictable behavior of the whole based on the parts. What are the parts of the cube that lead to synergy?

  • Its overall cubic shape.
  • Each square side of the cube uses a tick-tack-toe board frame. This frame can houses the traditional 3 x 3 number square pictured below. Any row of 3 numbers on it totals 15.  Its trisected lines total 6 vertical and 6 horizontal line segments as pictured. These 6+ and 6- lines on each side can bend around the central “5” square to form a cube. The cube has 12 edges. Examine Buckminister Fuller’s book Synergetics. In section 401.00 he states there are: Twelve Vectors of Restraint, 6 positive and 6 negative. They define a minimum system. So does Rubik’s cube.
  • Plato in Laws, describes how the cube and octahedron are the only two harmonic figures.  The cube has 12 edges and 6 faces. This 2 to 1 ratio characterizes an octave in terms of vibrations per second. The octave, or the “8” tones that comprise the octave,  define its 8 corners by number. Eight is 1/3 greater than six. Eight is 1/3 smaller than 12. The eight feature brings the entire system in harmony by ancient thought.
Rubik's Cube Also Deals With Ancient Wisdom
Rubik’s Cube also hides many  mysteries of ancient wisdom
First Rubik’s Cube World Championship, Budapest, June 5, 1982. Stamp of Hungary, 1982
  • Finally, the octahedron shares the numbers as the cube as follows: It has 12 lines (like the cube). It has 6 corners (while the cube has  8). Finally it has 8 faces (while the cube has 6).Faces and corners trade places with numbers 6 and 8, . Lines remain the same as 12 in the dual relationship of the cube to the octahedron. This demonstrates one instance of  what Buckminister Fuller means by synergy: Only the general harmonic topological numbers (6,8, and 12) is the same. The specific applications are different.
Related images:
The octahedron is a harmonic figure to Rubik's Cube with its topology numbered by 6,8, and 12. It shares the cube's 12 edges.
The octahedron is a dual figure to the Rubik’s Cube, or any cube.

Why Am I Blogging About Rubik’s Cube?

  Number squares and the geometry of the regular polyhedrons were the modus operandi of antiquity. The Rubik’s cube demonstrates one of the 5 possible regular polyhedrons. The grid on each of its faces frames the grid of the 3 x 3 number square. This was common knowledge among the high priests of Neolithic times. Many of these cultures were peaceful. Riane Eisler, in her The Chalice and The Blade, goes into great detail on this subject. Civilizations lasted thousands of years. I say, let’s go for some durability in our own. In my blogs I hope to offer a possible formula.  Let us  return to a more peaceful state of being.

Stars: This number square was associated with the "celestial body" of Saturn



What's in a lily?

Buckminister Fuller, David and His Sheild

Buckminister Fuller is a “comprehensive engineer”. How does everything interact was his question. Synergetics, his masterpiece, is such a book. It is not for the faint-hearted.

by Aubrey Schield on Mar 17, 2015