Found Egyptian Remen in a simple number square.

Egyptian Remen Source is a Simple Number Square

Egyptian Remen Source is a Simple Number Square. The Egyptian remen of 1.2165 feet is the basis of a long line of ancient measures. Measures are related to the remen by the square root of simple whole numbers. John Michell explores this in great depth in his City of Revelation. It is in Chapter 10, The Canon of Measures. The best known are

(1)  1.72 foot Egyptian royal cubit.
(2)  The basic  1.2165 foot Egyptian remen.
(3) What is new is my own discovery at Blue Stone Mountain: How the remen ties into the 3 x 3 number square.

Found Egyptian Remen
At one point I led expeditions to ancient sites. This is one of the sheets that went with me for lecturing.


Found Egyptian Remen Source is the Multi-Dimensional 3 x 3 Number Square

Most look at the 3 x 3 square and see it surrounded by 8 numbers. I was told to look at  the perimeter by single, double and triple numbers.  That totals 20 sets of numbers. Then the perimeters totals are 40, 440 and 2220 (see diagram above).  Let P1 stand for 40. P2 stand for 440. P3 stand for 2220. We take (P1 ) + (P2) + (P3) ÷ P3 = 1.2162…Quite close to the numbers in feet that comprise the remen of 1.2165. Within 3/10,000 of a foot!  The reason for exactly why this 1.2162… feet  was taken as 1.2165 feet is a matter for conjecture.

So what about the central number 5 from he number square? We haven’t accounted for it yet. Not only does the perimeter figure into ancient measures, so does central five. This is on 3 levels with the Great Pryramid:

  • The missing tip is 5 cubits in height.
  • 55 cubits defines the Egyptian Great cubit. It is the basis of measure of the Great Pyramid. Its base is 8 Great Cubits. The truncated height is 5 Great Cubits.
  • The blue print of the Great Pyramid is formed by two interlocking circles. They are drawn interlocking center to center. This is called the vesica piscis (vessel of the fish). The diameter of each circle is 555 feet. For those who think that this is insignificant or random, consider:  George Washington’s Monument in Washington D.C. makes use of the repeated “fives”. It is 555.5 feet tall.  File:Vesica piscis.png
  • File:Vesica piscis.svg

Why am I writing this blog? Because I sincerely believe that reactivating the 3 x 3 number square will bring about a new Golden Age of peace and plenty. The 3 x 3 number square shows what sciences and arts of man have in common. What we all share is the key to the Golden Age. Let’s open it together.

Found Egyptian remen source,

The Vessel holding a Tree of Life

Vessel and What’s inside the Overlapping Circular Centers

Vessel  and What’s inside the Overlapping Circular Centers. The Tree of Life is the central figure of Kabbalah. It has a special location. Two circles of equal diameter intersect center to center. The overlapping part in the picture below is called the “vesica piscis.” That translates from Latin to “vessel of the fish.”

The vessel, or vesica,is the overlapping red part of these two circles


 The vessel pictured above holds the Tree of Life. That is the symbolic location of Paradise.
The classical, numbered Tree of Life fits perfectly into the center of 2 circles.

I have already several blogs on the “vesica”. They include the church of Glastonbury Abbey. The figure belongs to all creeds and nationalities. Now for a new take on the Tree of Life.


As a preliminary, the 10 circles on the tree are numbered. Here, we look at the 3 vertical columns. Again, in Hebrew letters doubled as numbers. The same symbol represented both a letter and a number. Numbers stood for words. Words equalled numbers. This concept was called gematria. It is totally alien to the majority of current cultures. Working numbers and letters together works both side of the brain at once. Anyone fluent in Hebrew can verify the words and their numerical equivalents I use here.

  • The pillar on the left is numbers 3,5, and 8.  By addition 3 + 5 + 8 = 16.  Multiplying, 3 x 5 x 8 = 120.
  • The central pillars uses  1,6,9, and 10. By addition 1 + 6 + 9 + 10 = 26, Multiplied- 1 x 6 x 9 x 10 = 540.
  • The right pillar uses 2,4, and 7. By addition 2 + 4 + 7  = 13.  Multiplied-  2 x 4 x 7 = 56.

Today we will look at the numbers on the central pillar. It is called the “pillar of mildness.” This pillar is a pillar of peace. It brings together opposite extremes in order to harmonize. As you can see from the banner of the Church of Scotland, other cultures use the Tree of Life. Today, our topic will be the central pillar of the Hebraic Tree. Two key concepts of Judaism are defined by its 26 (total by addition)  and 540 (total by mutiplication).

  • In Hebrew letters, the 4 letter name of the Tetragrammaton  (Jehovah in English) is  יהוה. Its numerical equivalent is 26. Hebrew is written and read right to left. The 1st letter, yud, = 10;”hei” = 5; vav = 6;  the final “hei” is also 5. Thus 10 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 26. That is the sum of the central pillar (see above).
  • Israel  (יִשְׂרָאֵל) is “yud” = 10; shin= 300; reisch = 200; aleph = 1; lamed = 30. Thus, 10 + 300 + 200 + 1 + 30 = 541. The product of the 4 central numbers is 540. One, by a tradition called (Colel),  was often added for the presence of God (see the works of John Michell).

Thus, two key concepts of Judaism are hidden by number in the central pillar: God and Israel.  By the way,  in Greek, the Grail also equals 540 ( κρατήρ) using the same equivalency of letters and numbers.  Hence, the vessel also holds the Church of Scotland’s symbol for the Tree of Life.




Kabbalah The 10 Emanations of the Tree of Life reside in the vesica piscis ( turquoise center) of the 2 interlocking circles; which fits the boundaries of the turquoise Tree in the same way that a glove fits a hand.

 The three letter verbal root ( in Hebrew almost all nouns have a 3 letter verbal root) of Kabbalah is kuf, beis and lamed:   קַבֵּלThe kuf is the symbol for 100; the lamed is 30 and the beis is 2. Thus, 100 + 30 + 2 = 132. This total jives perfectly with the picture above of the two interlocking circles. גלגל gimel, lamed, gimel, lamed; is pronounced “galgal” is the Hebrew word for circle. When you spell or pronounce the Hebrew word for “circle”, it equals 66 by the rules of gematria the following process takes place:

  • gimmel = 3; lamed = 30. Thus, 3 + 30 = 33
  • Galgal circle, is similar to the word papa or mama in English; the gimmel and lamed appear twice, thus 2 x 33 = 66
  • Since one circle totals 66, two circles would total 2 x 66 = 132.
  • 132 is the numerical equivalent is “Kabal” meaning  “receive”.  קַבֵּל
  • That is why one circle receiving another is the basis of Kabbalah. This reception becomes the basis of geometric construction with a compass, straight edge and writing utensil.

One circle is considered positive, while the other is negative. The middle turquoise part becomes the balance of the two and is therefore neutral. This part is the only place where opposite polarities mix and become neutral. In no uncertain terms, this states: “Balance” in one word, is the key to being able to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Life.


Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge. It was also located at the center of the Garden of Eden. Had they also partaken of the Tree of Life, they not only would have had knowledge, but immortality. However, God quickly expelled them from the Garden before they were able to do this. The question now becomes, how can we acquire the fruit of the Tree of Life? The answer in one word: “Balance.” The turquoise center is the location of the Tree of Life.  The grey parts of the diagram, depending on which side they are on,  are either strongly positive or negative.  The grey areas have uneven pushes and pulls. Turquoise stands balanced. Balance is only found  in the middle.

What is the Middle Way?

“Somewhere between these extremes is a place that allows for insight, knowledge, inner peace and self-awakening.”

~ The Buddha