Literary Musical Cocktail Describes a Romantic Mix

Literary musical cocktail

Literary Musical Cocktail Describes a Romantic Mix. What exactly is a cocktail? A cocktail is a mixed drink.  Typically it is made with a distilled liquor.  They can include  arrackbrandycachaçaginrumtequilavodka, or whiskey) among others.  The preparer mixes  these with other ingredients or garnishments.

We Have a Number of the Literary Musical Cocktail Variety

More recently, Summer of 2019, our  sung though  musical, Patra, was quite  literary romantic cocktail: A fantastic mix of personalities and people who put on an intoxicating show.  The show depicts a relationship of Cleopatra and Octavian theatrically for the first time. . Yes, quite a story is there. Sharon also wrote the book. We had an incredible singing cast performing in Schroon Lake New York. Our singers had won auditions with major opera companies in both the United States and Europe.  

This coming November 8, 2020 we’ll be serving up another cocktail, this time out of New York City. The best part is that everyone in your household can watch it for the price of only one cocktail!!!!! Check out the information in our upcoming events column featured on the right side of the screen. 

 Literary musical cocktail
A past literary musical cocktail singing with the Sarasota Concert Band:  Baron Garriott, second from the left will be our featured tenor. Bookwriter/lyricist Sharon, on the extreme right, will also sing in the worldwide televised production Nov. 8.

Sharon and I, as a creative team, have written four major works for the musical theater. Excerpts will be performed by our wonderful cast on Nov.8.  Out daughter Kathryn, film producer and award winning film maker, will also join our ranks. Songs by many great writers will also be included.

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This coming December 20, I will begin my 12th year playing a the renowned Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grand. This is also featured in the events on the right side of the screen.
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Ballroom dancing instructors around the country have enjoyed our ballroom dancing CD, not only for their classes but for competition. Sharon and I wrote the entire collection. daughter Kathryn is dancing in the picture.


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