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We are a dynamic duo with a passion for musical theater. Twelve productions of our four musicals have garnered raves and touched audiences in Florida and New York.  We look forward to bringing our thrilling storytelling and unforgettable show tunes to a theater near you.

Watch The Fabulous Ohs trailer to learn more about us and view the other videos we have available.

Our works have been produced at The SaraSolo Festival (FL), workshopped at the prestigious Seagle Music Festival (NY), and chosen as a special event for the Centennial Anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg, Russia and Florida. Productions have featured The Sarasota Ballet, the Romanoff Stradivarius, and casts with award-winning professionals.


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Sunscreen Film Festival Featuring the Ohs!
We are excited to announce we will be a featured film at the Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida - Sunday April 30th at 1 pm.  The documentary -…

RHAPSODY FOR GOLDA: 5 min. excerpt

Place: Milwaukee. Time: 1917.

The Storyteller plays Golda at 18 yrs. old writing to her fiancé Morris in Denver. Haunted by PTSD, Golda chooses her path in life, but will Morris join her? The excerpt offers an excellent cross-section of the music, themes, and artistic approach.


A middle-aged Golda sings of how World War II has affected her.



from PATRA

I AM EGYPT: Cleopatra sings with pride but regret that her great fame keeps her from being able to escape the clutches of Octavian.

WHY AM I SO RESTLESS: Octavian wonders why – when he has achieved all he wants – is he so restless and rattled.